Afterburner and other health hazards

Most psychoactive substances can be divided into: stimulants, depressants, opioids and hallucinogens. All these types of drugs lead to addiction and have a bad impact on the human body. Afterburners are becoming more and more popular.

Substances that stimulate our senses, act on the central nervous system and are associated with euphoric states, as well as increase the level of mental activity and stimulate motor functions. Coffee, cigarettes as well as "hard and soft" drugs and medicines can make you addicted.

Addiction - what is it?

Addictive substances or behaviours influence the "control tower" of a given person, means his/her brain. Therefore, the addiction causes a brain disease in which the affected person loses all control over when and how he or she takes a substance. She can't stop using it even if she knows it's harmful and leads her to death.

Depressants, opioids, hallucinogens

Depressants are chemicals that slow down the activity of the central nervous system and our brain, reducing anxiety. The most common depressant is alcohol. Opioids alleviate pain, have an euphoric effect, taken in higher doses often cause death. Hallucinogenic drugs lead to a perception disorder. These include cannabis, ecstasy, LDS and hallucinogenic fungi.

dependence on afterburner burners

What are afterburners?

Afterburners are narcotic drugs that can be purchased online or in special shops. They are a legal substitute for illegal drugs. In the past, these substances were not banned, but now that their dangerous effects have been discovered, access to them has been significantly restricted. Nevertheless, they are still available and popular among children and young people, not fully aware of how destructive this can be for their health.

What are the effects of drugs? Susceptible individuals may suffer from: dizziness and headaches, nausea, insomnia, fatigue, chest pain, respiratory problems, heart disorders, attacks of aggression and rage, anxiety, delusions, in extreme cases may even lead to heart attack, stroke and coma.

What forms of afterburner can be present? Most often we meet them as incense and plant drought. They're burned in pipes, or they're twisted. The effects of their consumption can be compared to opium or cannabis. In addition, you can also buy multicolored tablets, powders in which various synthetics are mixed. It aims to improve the mood, add courage and energy, temporarily get rid of insomnia and tiredness.

How to fight addiction to afterburners?

Few people realize how serious the problem of addiction to afterburners is. Those affected should report as soon as possible to a specialist (for example, the "Koninki" Private Addiction Treatment Centre), who will make them aware of the impact of the substance on their lives and help them find their way back into the world.



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