Fudge for the wedding

Fudges for the wedding When organizing a wedding and a wedding you have to take into account many details, which unfortunately are not always remembered. In addition to the ceremony at the church, wedding hall reservation, photographer, cameraman, cake, invitations for guests, band or dj, catering, alcohol and fireworks, you must also remember to thank your guests for coming to enjoy the bride and groom together. The form of thanks may be arbitrary, but most often it is decided to place small gifts on plates, right next to the vignettes - thanks to that none of the guests will be missed a hundred percent.

Original acknowledgements

On each gift there should be words of thanks for coming and offering your company to bring happiness and joy to the Bridal Couple both this day and the next. Personalising the packaging by adding a few words to it is also a good way to customise the gift, making the guest feel special. Unfortunately, this can be very difficult if the young people expect to have three hundred guests. In such a case, of course, you can personalize a trifle, but still more generally - simply by writing, for example, "Thank you! It could be written on paper, or better yet, on paper. And that's from candy.

Traditional sweets

In Poland, in 1921, the first fudge was created, which from the very first moments of its existence quickly became known to consumers as "fudge". - which was largely influenced by the packaging of the time, which had a clear, large cow drawn on one side. Wedding fudge, or rather wedding fudge is an original and delicious idea for small things to thank the guests for coming. Well-chosen colourful packaging will ensure that the appearance of the table will not be disturbed, but only enriched with an additional matching element, which would be good to be the most similar to the vignette next to which it will lie.

How are fudges made?

Wedding fudges are made in a fairly simple yet long process, thanks to which they gain a substantial taste that is not reminiscent of anything else. A mixture of real butter, sugar and whole milk is poured into a huge vat in which it must boil for a good few hours. After this period, the mass is poured onto a specially prepared countertop and begins to cool down, slowly crystallising on the very top. After a few days, the mass hardens to such an extent that it can be cut into candies and packed in specially prepared, personalized papers, which will be a great thank you to the guests who arrive. The sweet, unique taste of the fudge will make the guests enjoy more - so it is worth preparing more delicacies, so the guests will not have to deny themselves anything, which will be a very pleasant experience. The Young and Young People will carefully place the fudge among the cakes by limiting the number of cakes. Fresh fudge is very soft, so if there is no air conditioning in the room you have to store it in the fridge, especially during the summer season.

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