The essence of beauty and refinement, the ruby ring

Women love jewellery like rings, especially if you can find gemstones in them. One of the most expensive and desirable materials to put in them is ruby. Above all, it attracts attention with its unique colour. Under what circumstances will it work best?

Naturalness valued for generations

The mineral has been known since ancient times. It is a rare variety of corundum, derived from a bunch of oxides. It has different colors, from pink to blood red. The darker the colour, the more expensive the stone is and more sought after by jewellers and jewellery enthusiasts. It is mainly mined in regions of Asia, such as Sri Lanka and Cambodia, but can also be found in Africa and Australia. In the old days it was also mined in Poland, near Z這toryja, located in Lower Silesia.

Versatility and unique features

In jewellery, stones with features of asterism and the cat eye effect are considered the most valued. A ruby ring like this will best reflect beams of light that will form a star or resemble a cat's pupil. These types of minerals are more original than standard varieties. In the case of extraction of this type of characterized stone with the colour of pigeon red (red with a shade of blue), one can speak of exceptional luck, and the processed and polished stones reach exorbitant prices on the jewellery market. Ruby, due to its heat resistance and hardness, is also used in commercial items, such as the best measuring machines.

ruby ring

The fortune contained in the ring

It was assumed that the world's most expensive stones are high-carat diamonds. This approach works in most cases, but sometimes also these less popular minerals reach incredible prices and are thus unavailable to ordinary mortals. This was the case at Christie's New York Magnificent auction, known for the most expensive items on display. There was also sold a Burmese ruby with an unusual 15.99, located in a ring, also surrounded by several diamonds. It reached a price of as much as $14.17 million, making it the most expensive ruby ring in the world. Its value comes from its size, as well as its extremely high fluorescence, allowing for high reflectivity. The owner is an anonymous collector from Europe.

The magic of the red stone

When it comes to buying a ring, one often pays no attention to the properties of the mineral embedded in it. Such features exist at least in the theoretical sphere and according to it such a stone should fit a given person. This is done by assigning the zodiac sign to the minerals concerned. In the case of ruby, it should be in the hands of the Capricorn. This, it is believed, will allow for a better ability to fight for one's rations, improve engagement in relationships, and heal broken hearts. In the past, it was also considered that a ruby ring worn regularly could detoxify blood, which was salutary for some diseases.

A mineral for all occasions

Ruby can be used as an addition to most styles, although it is certainly the best way to assist in evening, feminine creations. It will perfectly match the black or red colour of the garment, although it is so universal that it can also be matched to other shades. A ruby ring can also be a perfect idea for an engagement, especially if a person appreciates this mineral and prefers a more original approach to this type of jewellery. The best choice for jewellery will be a combination of gold, diamonds or Swarovski crystals with shiny ruby, which will guarantee a beautiful and chic souvenir for years.



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