Weekend skiing in Poland - where to go and how much can it cost us?

Enjoy the views, tire the body on the slope and regenerate with mulled wine - sounds tempting? Where to go skiing in Poland? We invite you to read it!

Szklarska Poreba

Although this charming and climatic town does not have the best infrastructure and the most problematic is the lack of a snowmaking system, this is compensated for by the variety of routes. The main ski slopes are located on the northern slopes of Szrenica, but there are also many smaller slopes and meadows hidden in the village.

For a weekend stay in an apartment for two people we can pay from 880 to 1100 PLN. We usually have a fully equipped kitchen, cleaning products, private bathroom, hairdryer, iron, towels, bedding, TV, player, wifi, terrace with a view and parking.


Although it is a small village, it offers many ski resorts and stations for winter sports enthusiasts, among others:
- The "White Cross" ski resort, where two ski lifts are in operation: an aerial and a platter lift,
- Beskydy Sport Arena, where we can also use two routes and a snow park. The facility is open 7 days a week in two sessions (daily from 8:30 to 16 and evening from 17:30 to 20:30),
- The Czyrna-Solisko Ski Resort with the famous Bieńkula and Golgotha routes.

For two nights for a couple we can pay from 420 PLN. Then we have a fully equipped apartment with a kitchenette, own bathroom and all amenities. For a stay in a hotel with access to the regenerative SPA area we will pay from 1100 to even 1700 PLN.

Zieleniec (Duszniki Zdrój)

It is the only place in Poland with a microclimate close to the alpine one. Thanks to this, very good snow conditions are maintained there from the end of November to mid-April. We have about 30 ski lifts, modern railroads with covers and telemix, i.e. six-seater sofas with gondolas. With one pass we can use up to 20 km of ski runs.

Prices for renting the apartment start from 480 PLN (2 nights, 2 breakfasts for 2 people).

Bukowina Tatrzańska

Weekend skiers have at their disposal here, among other things, a snow-covered, ratraked and artificially illuminated slope serviced by a 400-metre-long UFO plate ski lift, Turnia station, Rusiń-ski ski station and Terma Bukowina recreational complex.

Weekend stay with breakfast can cost from only 540 to 1600 PLN.

New Year's sales and Valentine's Day are behind us, in a moment women's day, men's day and Easter, and in view of the holiday. If we want to buy ourselves a weekend of skiing, and we don't want to deplete the savings, we can use an online loan. Before spring comes and we will see warm and bright days filled with bike trips and barbecue on the plot or by the lake, it is worthwhile to enjoy the winter aura for the last time and recharge the batteries in the mountainous outdoors.

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