Ford Mustang GT 2018 - a spectacular car for nothing

It was loud about the latest Mustang last year in the US. The latest model of the legendary car has captivated the hearts of many motoring fans, and now Europeans can enjoy it. What is the new Ford sports car like?

You have to admit, the view itself is breathtaking. The model has undergone a thorough lifting: the car now seems massive and looks fresh and modern. It looks great both on the outside and inside - the rich furnishings and stylish interior finish make a man pull himself to the steering wheel and to try this "trick".

What's under the hood?

The best part starts here. The GT 2018 is equipped with a powerful, upgraded V8 engine of 5.0 and 450 horsepower. Just hearing this roar is a beautiful experience that many drivers dream of. Let alone the speed that can be achieved with such a drive - the American version of the new Mustang, with automatic transmission, reaches a speed of 100 km/h in 4.3 seconds! Nothing but to get on the road and get on the highway.

Ford Mustang GTOf course, for us, Europeans who like to "hand", there is also a version with a manual gearbox, which has just as unusual performance.

Also for slower driving

The new Mustang is not only a high speed toy, but also a car suitable for everyday conditions. Thanks to the lift, the car turns out to work very well on tight and winding roads. The suspension system works flawlessly and the car is driven pleasantly, which is particularly worthy of praise for the manufacturers, because of the rear drive, which it has been able to do quite well in previous models.

The intelligently designed dashboard should also be mentioned. Here you will find a screen where you can adjust e.g. the driving mode (normal, sports, on the road, on wet road, etc.) or even the volume of the exhaust system. We have the opportunity to hear our engine in all its monstrous glory, but also - we have the opportunity to respect our ears as well as those of our neighbours.

So much for so little

The Ford Mustang GT 2018 is a car that is perfect for both a thriving sports car and a beautiful car for a smooth ride and does not cost a fortune. The cheapest model (with a 2.3-litre engine) will be purchased for 170 thousand zlotys. Compared to the weight of cars in this category, this is not much - and certainly some of them lack what the Ford offers us today.

If we were to find any significant flaws in this model, it is a bit too much burning; with a fast ride we wouldn't go far on a 61 litre tank. But for the excellent V8, the phenomenal look and the substantial equipment, I think you can turn a blind eye to it.

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