How to find a good used car?

Despite the fact that the Polish second-hand car market is very rich in offers, it is difficult to find one that would be good. The cars offered do not fully meet the expectations of potential buyers. Many sellers also do not mention the defects of their machines, so we buy a cat in a bag. Without proper practical knowledge you will not find a good car at a good price. The vehicles offered are increasingly defective, which comes out after just a few months of use. This is mainly because newer models have more and more features, so more and more things can break down. It's not enough just to take care of the car to enjoy it for a long time. You should be aware of its advantages and disadvantages, as well as additional features that often cause most problems. In such situations, advice from friendly mechanics is helpful.

Think what you're looking for

used carIt is very often the case that the same engines are used for different car brands. The same engine can be used in a Volvo as well as in the Opel and the Alfie Romeo. So don't pay any attention to the brand itself, but first and foremost read about the engines and their capabilities. In order not to be disappointed, you should have at least basic knowledge of these car components. Petrol engines seem much cheaper than diesel. It is worth noting here, however, that this does not mean lower costs associated with use. Engine failure depends on many of its features, and that's what's most expensive. After 100,000 kilometers, you may find that some of the parts are suitable for replacement. Such services sometimes cost even thousands of PLN. It is also worth noting that you cannot spend all your savings on buying a car. A reserve should be left for formal needs, but also for possible repairs or unpredictable faults.

Find an ad

The best way to find a good car is to browse the websites with offers. It's not worth using the stock exchanges, because that's where it's easiest to find fraudsters. It is also possible to go to a private commission, or to such commissions located at authorized car dealerships. You should also talk to the seller when deciding to buy. That's when it's easiest to detect inaccuracies and attempted fraud. Please ask if all the documents proving the authenticity of what is on offer are available. An important issue for even the most efficient used car is good third party and AC insurance. In the era of comparison engines and very high competition on the insurance market, we will negotiate a favourable price offer enriched with NNW packages without much effort. Check what else is worth paying attention to when choosing third party and AC insurance at https://ubezpieczenieacoc.pl/ !

Our advice

Compared to professionals, the knowledge of the person buying the car is negligible. It is worthwhile to read the basic technical data of the car and compare it with others. It should also be taken into account that it is very easy to falsify a car's mileage. After a few years it may also turn out that the cost of living is higher than the purchase price.



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