Lexus invites you to the showrooms

On 29 March, the Lexus opened in the center Tokyo new salon promoting the brand, where you can not only get acquainted with the cars of the Japanese company, but above all, you can taste the spirit of luxury, try sophisticated dishes served in an exceptionally exquisite way or buy exclusive everyday items made by Lexus.

A center called "Lexus Meets..." is located in a skyscraper in the Hibiya district, close to the Imperial Palace and many government buildings. In the spacious, bright interiors with a finish combining modern design and noble materials, there is a gallery, boutique, café and discreetly integrated car exhibition stands.

lexis salon

The gallery and boutique under the banner of "Steer and Ring" present works of art and designer objects of everyday use, referring to the luxury character of the brand. In the boutique, for example, you can buy a titanium, vacuum insulated beer mug for $235, an exclusive umbrella for $358 or a garden spatula for $95.

The Spindle" café, whose name refers to the hourglass-shaped radiator grill, which is the hallmark of Lexus cars, is a place where you can meet and talk, enjoying sophisticated dishes served in an exquisite way. Even roast chicken, a salad made from traditional Japanese ingredients, sandwiches or lemonade have a unique character here.

The "Touch and Drive" signboard invites guests to get to know Lexus' cars in person. Here you can see them carefully from the outside and inside, touch every detail and go for a test drive through the centre of Tokyo with each of the eleven models available.

It's not the only Lexus place of its kind in Tokyo. A similar facility called Intersect by Lexus was opened in Minami Aoyama in August 2013. The idea of its creators was to invite guests to the world of Lexus and share with them a climate of comfort and perfection, which are inseparable from this brand. The head of the Japanese concern Akio Toyoda described the Intersect as "a secret enclave where one can enjoy life", a place of both casual meetings and exceptional events.

lexury in Tokyo

The Intersect by Lexus interior design by renowned designer Masamichi Katayama from the Wonderwall studio combines subtle elegance with accents that refer to automotive technology. Responsibility for the culinary side of the project was entrusted to master chef Tomas Reger, who has been working for years in the most sophisticated restaurants in the Middle East. The unique atmosphere of the restaurant is also created by carefully selected sound design and aromas created especially for Lexus.

The second Intersect by Lexus unit was opened in 2015 in the heart of the prestigious DIFC (Dubai International Financial Center). This intimate place combines an art gallery, a reading room, an atmospheric café and bistro, as well as a boutique with exclusive Lexus items. The next Intersect by Lexus is scheduled to start in the Meatpacking District, one of New York's trendiest districts.



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