There's a huge Franco-Japanese fusion in the automotive industry

Renault and Nissan are in talks about creating a single listed company out of their companies, according to Bloomberg, who sees the people involved as the source. At the same time, the two sites would continue to operate, and the merger would make it possible to speak of competing for the position of car leader.

The agreement would result in cooperation between the two producers, creating one corporation. Currently, Renault owns 43% of Nissan. This one, in turn, holds 15% of the shares of the ally. The new creation would be managed by Carlos Ghosn, who is already a board member of both manufacturers. Today's shareholders of both companies would hold shares in a new business entity. Business seats would be maintained, both in Japan and France.

The Renault-Nissan alliance can make the new entity a leader among car manufacturers. In mid-2017 this was already achieved, the alliance sold 5.27 million cars. However, Volkswagen became the leader of the year, selling 1.5 thousand cars. Third place was Toyota.

Nissan skyline

Renault's shares, following the merger, increased by 8.3% at the opening of the markets, but were later reduced to around 4.5%.

Carlos Ghosn already said in February that his will is to make the alliance of both companies "cemented". This is the answer to looking for a way to double the effects of cooperation to 10 billion euros per year, between 2016 and 2022. In April, Mitsubishi Motors, where Nissan is the largest shareholder of the company, will enter into cooperation with regard to the acquisition of automotive components.

Already now the corporations cooperate strongly in many areas, for example: in sales, technology or design. This will save about $5.5 billion. in areas such as sales, design and technology, which will bring about $5.5 billion in savings this year.


According to Bloomberg's sources, the completion of the merger may prove difficult, especially due to political aspects. Renault's 15% shareholding is owned by the French government and does not have to be favourable to this decision. The consent to the merger is, of course, not only given by the French authorities, but also by the Japanese authorities. The Japanese are not very sympathetic to the interference in the Japanese company. It is true that Emmanuelle Macron is a former banker, so he may also be more eager to complete the transaction. The problem, however, is the mood in French society, which still remembers the loud layoffs in the Peugeot company.



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