Porsche Macan versus Jaguar F-Pace and Alfa Romeo Stelvio

SUVs are currently breaking sales records, also among premium brands

The Porsche brand has long been recognised as one of the most exclusive brands worldwide. Its launch of an SUV with a 4-cylinder engine did not diminish the company's reputation, and even increased interest in other models. However, there was a problem for the manufacturer. The competition launched Jaguar F-Pace and Alpha Stelvio.

Alfa costs relatively little compared to other SUVs, and F-Pace has the largest and most comfortable interior. So which car to choose? It would be hard to guess that a Porsche based on a 50% Audi Q5 SUV is the best-selling car of the brand. Customers additionally focus their attention on the most basic version of the engine. This is because it is the cheapest model and as it turns out, more than half of 1116 Porsche sold last year was Macany. Every second one of them also had a 4-cylinder engine.

After the launch of Jaguar's SUVs called F-Pace, it turned out that it is no less popular than a Porsche. He has also become the most popular model of this manufacturer, which shows that this type of car is one of the most popular choices. A similar situation occurred with the Prime Minister of Alfa Stelvio. All manufacturers place great hopes in these cars.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio

The F-Pace is equipped with 250 horsepower and a turbine engine, while Stelvio has a 280-horsepower engine, which can be felt from the very start. It's up to 100 in 5.9 seconds. The Jaguar, which weighs 141 kilos more than Alpha, needs 9.1 seconds for this. Manufacturers emphasize the aluminum structure of the vehicle, but still the weight of the car does not give reason to be proud. So Macan loses to Stelvio by 1 second and 97 kilos.

Stelvio, as the slimest of the cars compared, is the easiest to get into corners. However, it is difficult to feel it, which can also be felt when braking. The car slows down, but the brake force cannot be determined. The steering wheel is not the easiest to control, either, especially when turning hard. The ease of turning is due to the solid chassis of the car. But it shakes even on a flat surface. Macan's better stabilized. The driver gives a feeling of safety and ease of getting out of any situation. The seat arrangement provides driving comfort and the adaptive suspension allows for stiffening of the suspension on both sides. The agility in Jaguar is in the last place of the list. The car trembles a little less than Alpha, but it also leaves room for the manufacturer.

Jaguar F-Pace - there are elements to be corrected

In Jaguar, the transmissions should be improved above all. Too long changing gears, even in sports mode, cause the comfort to drop a little. When driving in a calm manner, too high a gear is selected. In the Alpha, on the other hand, you could improve the jerks during the reduction.

The Jaguar's unit spins up to 6,500 rpm and howls tired. The red field of the tachometer in the Alpha, on the other hand, starts at 5.5 thousand. The sound of the engine within these limits is pleasant, and the vibrancy can also be enjoyed. But "from below" he can jam almost like diesel. Macan's motorbike can be turned up to 7,000 rpm.

Jaguar F-Pace

Stelvio is the worst in his daily struggle. It needs most of the turning field, and limited visibility does not help either. The low resolution of the reversing monitor is a big problem. It makes up for it with its large boot.

Porsche Macan, Jaguar F-Pace and Alfa Romeo Stelvio - in our opinion

Once again, Alpha makes a big impression with its performance and price. It also has a large cabin and good driving comfort. However, the sporting jam can only be found in a slower Macan. The largest space is offered by the Jaguar, but its price is not among the lowest. The issue of SUVs therefore remains unresolved. To choose the best car you have to drive each one individually.



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