Shiny Garage and car detailing product range

Shiny Garage is a Polish company offering a wide range of products necessary for proper car cosmetics. Issues related to detailing, i.e. comprehensive cleaning, maintenance and renovation of a car, are as important as concern for its good technical condition or the importance of inspections. Proper car cosmetics with the help of professional products not only improves the car's visual appearance, but also extends its life span. Even extremely neglected four casters can regain their former glory - if it is followed by the right amount of work, regularity and, above all, professional auto-detailing cosmetics. What products does Shiny Garage offer? Is their assortment sufficient for the right car care? What kind of feedback does Shiny Garage have among the users of their product range?

Shiny garage - what don't you know about this car-detailing company?

Operating on the Polish market since 2012, Shiny Garage brand is a company specializing in auto-detailing, which produces and sells professional car cosmetics. Shiny Garage's detailing products are designed to be highly efficient and effective. An interesting solution used by this Polish brand is the attention to detail, which is often overlooked in car cosmetics - in this case, it is about the visuality of products, their packaging and labels, and intriguing fragrance ranges, such as coconut or strawberry.

All the products in the Shiny Garage range are subjected to a number of tests, which ensure that the range is constantly being refined and adapted to the requirements and expectations of customers, as well as the specifics of cars. Shiny Garage car cosmetics are not only products that affect the car's visuality, but also significantly improve driving comfort. Rain weather can make it more difficult to see while driving - the use of appropriate detailing products allows for its improvement, preventing the formation of stains and spots.

Car care - why is it so important?

The cosmetics of a car is not only about making it look beautiful in the parking lot or on the road. Auto-detailing significantly affects the comfort of driving, the technical condition of the car, and thus the extension of its life and, what is extremely important, the safety of driving. The fundamental needs of a car are more than just controlling its technical condition - the body, windows and engine require proper cleaning, conversation and even minor renovations.

Micro-damage or scratches on the car's exterior can be easily removed without having to visit a garage - all you need is polishing paste and products that will improve their performance. The Shiny Garage range includes, among others, products that allow for complete removal of polishing paste residues or very good car paint degreasing. Looking for cosmetics for auto-detailing it is worth specifying which treatments, apart from the basic ones, our car requires.

Such car-detailing products can be found basically everywhere - popular supermarkets or petrol stations have basic cosmetics in their offers. However, it is best to visit specialist shops, because they guarantee not only a wider range of products, but also the highest quality and proven products. Online detailing shops such as Shiny Garage also offer specialist help, advice on the choice of cosmetics or advice on their use or the choice of possible substitutes.

shiny garage - cosmetics

Shiny Garage - car care offer

Shiny Garage, as a company passionate about car-detailing, has a wide range of high quality products for car care. The rich offer of the native brand allows you to compose a set that enables comprehensive cleaning and maintenance of the car. The Shiny Garage range includes, among others:

  • shampooing, active foams, quick fixers,
  • waxes, internal and external protection preparations for plastics,
  • cleaning and protection preparations for the rubber parts of the car,
  • upholstery washing products,
  • fragrance products, air fresheners,
  • and other constantly improved products and novelties, including those for removing metallic impurities or cleaning rims.

Shiny Garage - user reviews

Opinions about Shiny Garage concern both the product range, quality of cosmetics and customer service in the store. Customers decide on this brand, among other things because of its positive feedback. Shiny Garage has gained recognition not only at home but also in Europe. The company is valued both for the high quality of its products and very reasonable prices. The effects of cosmetics are reflected in the presented effects before and after. The shop staff also collects numerous positive opinions. Shiny Garage was created by enthusiasts, so it ensures the transfer of its knowledge and experience and professional advice.



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