Used family car - 5 tips on how to buy it beneficially

- Choosing a family car can be difficult because it is not just for the driver and the needs of all family members who will travel with it must be considered. That is why we always tell our customers that before they decide on the right make and model of the car, they will try to answer a few questions, e.g. how many kilometers a day the car will drive and under what conditions (e.g. city traffic jams or route/road), whether a large capacity of the trunk will be needed every day, how many people on the rear couch will drive in car seats or carriers, etc. The answers obtained will help to narrow down the selection to a few models, which will make it easier to make a decision and choose the car closest to expectations - suggests Grzegorz Grodecki, Managing Director of Master1.pl.

The choice does not always have to come from the estate

kid in the carFamily cars are most often considered to be estate cars, VANs or so called "kombivans", but there is no need to limit the choice to models with these popular types of bodywork. It may not be cost-effective to overestimate your needs. If the car is only to be used to commute to work or drive family members to school a few kilometers from home, then smaller hatchback models may prove sufficient.

- If we decide on a larger car, e.g. VAN type, then in comparison with small city cars, we have to take into account higher fuel consumption and difficulties in finding a place to park in crowded parking lots. And if a bigger rack is only needed a few times a year, you can consider renting a roof box, which will be much more profitable - explains Grzegorz Grodecki from Master1.pl.

Instead of a large trunk, more weight is better attached to the rear row of seats. If there are three small children in a family and each of them will be transported in a child seat, it may be better to have wider, separate seats (and not a combined rear seat), which are usually installed in VANs and kombivans.

New or used?

This question must be answered by everyone, depending on their budget. If it is to be used, the car must come from a source with reliable information about its service history. Therefore, fewer and fewer people decide to buy cars imported from abroad. Customers prefer to see the offers of commissions located at authorized dealerships or the purchase of a contract car professionally serviced by a specialized operator. Most often it is a leasing company, which has a history of servicing a car, full knowledge of its technical condition and mileage.

- The key difference between a post-contractor car and a car that can be found in a car dealership is the vehicle history. Post-contractor cars are usually 3 or 4-year-old cars that have been regularly serviced so far. The previous owner of the car was a leasing entity, which wanted the car to remain in the best possible technical condition. It is often argued that such cars have higher mileage. Often this is the case, however, post-contractor cars have this mileage documented. Meanwhile, when buying a car, for example, imported from abroad, it is usually difficult to determine its actual condition - adds Grzegorz Grodecki from Master1.pl

Safety is essential

When choosing a family car it is better to avoid using the misleading statement that a large car is always safe. Before deciding which model to choose, it is a good idea to check the crash test results from different test centres (EuroNCAP, IIHS & HLDI) to make sure that the car will provide maximum possible safety in the event of a possible collision. Special attention should be paid to the studies carried out by EuroNCAP, which detail the safety of both adults and passengers, in this case children.

The Isofix system is not everything

family car

Small gadgets and functions will make everyday use of the vehicle easier. And in family cars, there are several elements that are particularly worthy of attention in this respect. One of them is the back door, which should be as large as possible. This will make it easier to put the child in the seat and fasten it in the seat. In addition, you'll find the following equipment useful: a roller blind to protect the youngest passengers from the sun's rays, easy-to-clean upholstery, a trashcan, two-zone air conditioning, storage and beverage holders and a radio with USB or Bluetooth output.

Methods of financing a family car

In the case of family cars, two financing methods are most often considered: credit or cash. Even if the family has all the money they need to buy a car, they usually prefer not to spend it once, because they prefer to have a larger amount on their account as financial security. In turn, it can sometimes take several years to collect the entire amount, while the car is needed now.

Usually in such a situation a decision is made to take out a loan. However, creditworthiness or reluctance to make another costly financial commitment may be a problem. Especially if you have already taken out a mortgage or several other consumer loans, for example for holidays.

An indirect solution may turn out to be the purchase of a used car in a subscription, which allows the permanent use of the vehicle for a predetermined and paid monthly amount, without the need to buy the car in ownership.

- Subscription is a form of financing in which the customer uses the car and after the expiry of the contract period has the possibility to exchange it for a new one. The fixed monthly subscription amount includes all costs related to the operation of the car, i.e. full service, tyre replacement or full insurance package. - explains Grzegorz Grodecki, Managing Director of Master1.pl



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