Ella Eyre is headlining Blue Night by Absolut. The line-up will include KAMP!

Ella Eyre, a singer known for her hit "Waiting All Night" recorded in cooperation with Rudimental, as well as songs created together with Bastille, Naughty Boy, Wiz Khalifa and recently Sigala, will play during Blue Night by Absolut on September 22nd.

Wake up the night animal!

On September 22nd, under the slogan "Animals of the Night", the second edition of an extraordinary musical event will take place, which is Blue Night by Absolut. The date of the event is not accidental, as it is accompanied by the phenomenon of the equinox. From now on, night starts to dominate the day, and this is the perfect opportunity to wake up the night animal and go on to conquer the urban jungle! Wolf's hunger for unique sounds will be provided by a world-class star of the electronic scene - Ella Eyre. Next to it

and the previously announced KAMP! band, one of the top Polish vocalists - Sars and finalists of the "Uncovered - Let's Discover" competition will also appear on stage. The club's rhythms, on the other hand, will be captivated by DJ Envee and DJ Green Rose.

Ella Eyre is a British singer and songwriter who has made her debut with the most sought-after artists on the world music scene. In 2012, together with Bastille, she released the hit "No Angels" which is a mash up of "No Scrubs" by TLC and "Angels" by The XX. A year later she delighted the audience with her single "Waiting All Night" recorded in cooperation with Rudimental and "Think About It" created together with Naughty Boy and Wiz Khalifa. In 2015, together with DJ Fresh, they wrote one of the artist's most popular songs, "Gravity". The same year her debut album "Feline" was also released. Currently, the artist is working on her second solo album which, thanks to the single "Came Here For Love" (17 million views on Youtube!) promoting her, promises to be much more pop, light and joyful than her previous work on the borderline of drum&base, R&B and neo soul.

KAMP! - is one of the most important Polish electronic music bands, appreciated also abroad. Its sound is described as a melodic synth-pop with the influences of the new wave of the 1980s, French house and chill-wave. Since its groundbreaking debut in 2012, the trio has continued to enjoy unwavering popularity. In 2015 the group released their second, surprising album "Orneta". The audience was enchanted by the unusual combination of captivating dance pieces, yet contemplative and melancholy. The musicians are currently working on their third album.

Concert microphone

Sara is an outstanding vocalist on the Polish music market. She is also a lyricist, composer and music producer, playing keyboard instruments and ukulelele. She has co-created many intriguing projects, experimenting with music from sung poetry and jazz to alternative rock and electronics. By music journalists, she was considered a precursor of new Polish pop and hailed as the biggest, most peculiar debut of recent years. In 2015, she won the charts with her song "Teach me", which combines alternative music themes with noble pop. Now it returns in a completely new version with the album "Pióropusze", containing modern and old-school sounds. As always, he uses instruments from different musical cultures. Sara worked on the sound of the album at London's Tileyard Studio, where they had previously recorded their songs, including Ella Eyre and Sigala.

DJ Envee - one of Poland's most respected producers, musician, DJ and co-founder of Niewinni Czarodzieje (Innocent Sorcerers), a dj collective recognized in Poland and abroad. For years it has been enchanting with high quality, sophisticated, eclectic and far from commercial sets. His music is universal - from the freshest to the most recent, to the vinyl one from all parts of the world. The rhythms of the city and the jungle are part of its peculiar showcase.

DJ Green Rose - aka Malina, a DJ who has made both solo performances and live projects with musicians and bands. For 13 years it has been combining incredible passion, great technique and the best selection of pieces. She started her career playing with vinyl jungle, dnb or breakbeat, but in recent years her style has evolved towards simple, melodic, technical sounds such as house, deep house, tech house, progressive techno and techno. She performed in the best Polish clubs: SQ, Sphinx, CSG, Piekarnia, Boom Town, and for the last few years she has been a resident of the cult Warsaw Singing Siren. Her energetic performances are capable of rocking any dance floor.



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