Fashion for men's festival - what outfit to choose for Open'er?

Tickets purchased some time ago are waiting for use, transport and accommodation already organized, and a pack of good friends every day informs about new ideas for organizing free time between performances of their beloved bands. We just need to think about - what to put on and what things to take with us?

Warm sunshine, great music and fun is a perfect description of festivals that take place in summer. Every year such events are more and more elaborate, more interesting and attract more and more people. Although these are only a few days, they can strengthen our vitality for the next few weeks, or even months, that we will spend at our work or study. Therefore, it is extremely important to be able to use these moments properly. One way to do this is to pack your things properly so that you don't have any surprises. Let's also bear in mind that this type of cultural events is a fashion review, which will probably accompany us until the end of the holiday season. We want to make it easier for you and tell you how to put your clothes together so that they are both practical and stylish and fit in a small backpack.

Comfort is most important

We are going to this music festival mainly to have a great time. That's why we should take with us a wardrobe that is very comfortable and tailored to our preferences. Ideal in this case will be T-shirts with musical motifs and logos of beloved bands, or that funny subtitles that will be immediately noticed. We can also wear loose-fitting shorts in cotton or tracksuit fabric. They will not hinder our movements. Besides, it is worth putting on sports shoes, a panama hat and bracelets made of leather.

Festival trends

When it rains

Of course, we assume that we will have perfect weather at the festival all the time. Nevertheless, the weather likes to change radically and after a while intensive rain can occur. For our plans to be fully implemented, we can pack warm and waterproof clothes into our luggage beforehand. Instead of sneakers, we can take comfortable underpants with us. There are also people who prefer to wait and have only rubber flip-flops on their feet, but this is not an option for people who do not like the cold. We must also take our waterproof jacket with us. It's best to choose very handy pieces that will fit easily in our backpack in case of any problems.

Cold evenings and chilly mornings

The most appropriate outfit for long and hard-working mornings will be a very warm and comfortable tracksuit made of cotton. Probably most people would be able to spend the whole day in it, however, in case of colder weather it is worth choosing denim pants. Let's put on a shirt with a checkered pattern. It is very practical because it can be easily rolled up in hot weather. When we know it's going to be very cold, let's take a warm hoodie and something to wrap your neck around. General relaxation and endless fun are ideal conditions to try out new fashion trends and accessories, which we would certainly not choose every day.

During this kind of cultural event we have a chance to assume whatever we want. Perhaps during the festival you will find out that flip flops are the best kind of shoes for you, and with your new hat you will not part with it. Packing the backpack that will accompany us at the music festival is an ideal opportunity to segregate the clothes we have in our own wardrobe and buy fashionable and very comfortable clothes that we will have a chance to test in extreme conditions. If we are satisfied with them at the festival, they will certainly accompany us throughout the entire holiday period.



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