For people "looking at the heart." Danuta Rinn Festival

The song "Where are these men" can probably be submerged by anyone. And there are many more works that Danuta Rinn has enchanted Poles for 40 years of her artistic activity. Her songs are still vivid and her lyrics - which were written for her by the greatest composers - are timeless. Now we can listen to them during the Danuta Rinn Festival Gala, which will take place on 24 November in DK Kadr in Warsaw.

The Danuta Rinn Festival, due to last year's big success, is organized for the second time. This cultural event, aimed at presenting Danuta Rinn's artistic output, is organized by the Appetite for Culture Foundation with the support of KADR Culture House. It gathers both young people who want to learn about the artist's work and the content of songs from the times known to their parents and grandparents, as well as adult audiences, who are close to their hearts in the 70s and beyond.

The festival is largely a music competition. Young people and adults aged 12-35 will each perform one song by Danuta Rinn, thus popularizing her artistic activity. For the best performers, the organizers provide awards in each of the two age groups: statuettes, Audience Award and distinctions. The semi-final auditions will take place on 3 November in DK KADR in Warsaw, while the best vocalists will take part in the final competition, which will take place on 24 November in DK KADR. From among the qualified participants, a professional jury will select the winners of the 2nd Danuta Rinn Festival. The jury will be composed of the stage personalities, songwriters, culture and art experts. They will be among them: Magda Czapińska - poetess, author of texts, Jerzy Petersburski Jr. - pianist, composer, arranger, leading his own program for young people "St. Petersburg Show", Ryszard Rembiszewski - actor, presenter, vice-president of ZASP Stage Section, Piotr Rodowicz - musician, pedagogue, president of Polish Jazz Association.

The chapter of the Danuta Rinn Festival is made up of enthusiasts for whom Polish music to texts by Polish poets is one of the most important components of Polish culture. The chapter will be composed of: Marzena Rogalska - TV and radio journalist, vocalist singing in one of the best Metro "line-ups", Kasia Olubińska - journalist of the "Dzień Dobry TVN" programme, Rafał Baniak, Władysław Kamysz and Artur Orzech, an outstanding music journalist, radio and TV presenter known for his sense of humour.

Danuta Rinn Festival

It is worthwhile to present the figure of an exceptional artist to whom the festival was dedicated. Danuta Rinn - singer, pianist, actress. The greatest composers and authors wrote for her, including Agnieszka Osiecka, Wojciech Młynarski, Jonasz Kofta. The "Godfather" of the festival is Włodzimierz Korcz, a friend and songwriter of many artists, supporting Polish music and talented people. Rinn has been associated with the "Pod Aegida" cabaret since the 1970s, she has taken part in many disc and archival recordings for the Polish Radio. She has given concerts in Bulgaria, Switzerland, Sweden, the USA, Canada, Australia and charity. During martial law she sang for the persecuted in churches, among others. She played episodic roles in Nikosia Dyzma's Career, Jealousy and Medicine, Balance Quarterly, and also appeared in Polish series. Her repertoire included such hits as: "I won't get used to it." "Where are those men?" "So much charm," "Polish woman," "I'll take care of it." "Does it all make sense?"

"We remember artists as long as they live in our hearts, and they live as long as we listen to them and sing their songs." These are the words of the festival organizer, which perfectly sum up Danuta Rinn's artistic activity and its consequences in our contemporary, artistic reality. We invite you to the festival of sensitivity, creative inspiration, timeless hits given in a new, modern version performed by talented, young people.

The Danuta Rinn Festival is organized by the Appetite for Culture Foundation, whose president is Danuta Błażejczyk - singer, songwriter, actress, performed in such musicals as "Bad Behaviour", "Nunsense", "Fame", "Moniuszko", and recently she played Aunt Polly in "Tom Sawyer's Mystery". (premiere in March 2017). Awarded and honored at national and international festivals. She has released several solo records with popular and jazz music, including "Summertime", "And yet it is worth it". He is a producer of his own music publications, he conducts pedagogical activities. As part of the Foundation, it carries out unique and original artistic projects and promotes young, talented artists.

The Danuta Rinn Festival is supported by the Association of Performing Artists STOART, MEGAFON Recording Studio, and the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage is the founder of the awards for the best performers.

Where: KADR Culture House in Warsaw

When: 24 November 2017 at 19:00



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