Hip-hop in Krakow - see our proposals for concerts and festivals

Hip Hop, that's the music you love and you're a big fan of it? Do you know where the best concerts take place? If not, see our proposals. This time the city of Krakow will surprise us all with its repertoire. February spoils the hip hop proposals, don't miss any of them!

MHHF - very urban festival

Let's decipher this mysterious abbreviation, well, this is the Municipal Hip Hop Festival, which will take place as it was said before in Krakow. This is a continuation of the Hip Hop Giżycko festival. This time the city of Kraka invites well-known musicians, without whom it would be difficult to imagine such an event, these will be Żabson, Białas, Opał, Young Igi, Rizi Beizeti, Re To, White 2115, Karian. If it turns out that the fun was good and you feel unsatisfied, you can go to the next concerts, which will take place on March 15 in Olsztyn, April 18 in Warsaw, and August 8 in Koszalin. In the meantime, book a ticket for February 15th as soon as possible and arrive in Krakow, Hala Wisła, Wladyslaw Reymont 22. Such the event in Krakow - don't miss it.

Pouya (US) Krakow - straight from Florida

21.02.02.in Krakow we will have a great honour to once again host Kevin Pouy in Poland. From hot Florida he will come to us to play two concerts, day after day. The first one will be held in Krakow, while the second one will be held the following day in Warsaw. Despite his young age, the rapper has already had several successes. At the age of eighteen, he released the mixtape "Fuck it" in 2012 and became Underground Underdog, while in 2016 he released his first studio album with his best known and associated single "41". It may be interesting that Kevin is half Iranian and half Cuban. He does not always perform solo, he has worked with Suicideboys, Ghostemane, Fat Nick and Germ and Shakewell. As you can see, the artist is not idle, so we must receive him warmly and in large numbers. From his previous experience, the musician knows that the audience in Poland can always be counted on. Remember to be here on 21.02 in the Studio Club at 4 Witolda Budryka Street.

Hip Hop Festival Krakow

22.02.20Klub Studio invites you to a unique event, an evening filled entirely with Hip HOP music. If you don't care about this musical genre, there's no other option but to be here. As usual, the musicians do their best. Anyone who has been to such a festival at least once will surely be happy to come back here. There will be great rappers before you, so let's start, Finger, Mr. Kęka, Tymek, Gedziula, Wac Toja, Joda, Harm Franklin, Trill Pem. The repertoire of these musicians is really very rich, following them on YouTube, for example, one can safely say that they are already on a very high level.

Are you a keen hip hop fan? Don't waste this chance because Krakow invites everyone to these amazing energetic concerts. Take part in them too. Don't wait any longer. Order your tickets.

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