"Let's do our job." V Jubilee Fetting Festival on November 11th!

Baranów is not only known for its new airport. It is also, and probably most importantly, the cradle of culture and art since the war. On November 11th, the Edmund Fetting Festival will take place in Baranów, during which we will hear Wojciech Młynarski's songs.

This is the 5th edition of the Fetting Festival, a cultural event dedicated to the Polish artist, a well-known and beloved actor and singer Edmund Fetting, who lived in Baranów during the war. Fetting created the first amateur theatre here, which contributed to the first step towards the cultural development of the area. The organizers, just like Fetting used to do, decided to support young artists in their quest for a wider public with their own talent, expression and creativity.

The festival has a two-stage form: a music competition and a recital of the evening star. The competition part is devoted to well-known Polish artists who created in the last century. This year the participants will perform works from Wojciech Młynarski's repertoire, which perfectly fit into the formula of the event. This artistic hero of this year's edition was one of the greatest authors of song lyrics and poems, the creator of the genre described as a sung column. Poet, satirist, cabaret artist, author of over 2000 lyrics, playwright, screenwriter, librettist, translator, composer, theatre director - these are some of his numerous artistic activities. During the festival we will get to know him mainly as one of the greatest creators of Polish songs.

Musical recital

Every year the competition part is followed by a recital of Polish artists. This year, Marek Kaliszuk will be both the star of the evening and the Ambassador of this year's edition, sitting on the jury at the same time. The theatre, musical and film actor and vocalist is a vocal and acting chameleon, which in November 2014 won the hearts of spectators and jurors, winning the 2nd edition of Your Face Sounds Friendly. In 2017 he recorded the single "Naprzeciw", which announces his debut album. The competition jury will also include Danuta Błażejczyk, singer, songwriter, actress and Maria Szabłowska, an icon of Polish music journalism, who will also act as the festival leader.

The mission of the festival is to remind the young generation of the characters and works of the outstanding Edmund Fetting. It is also a combination of tradition and modernity by performing works from previous years in a modern, innovative way. No less important is also developing the interests and creativity of the participants.

As previous editions have proved, the festival met with great interest and confirmed that Baranów has remained a centre of culture and art since the times of Fetting. It attracted not only the inhabitants of the commune, but also people not connected with it. Moreover, it has also contributed to stimulating cultural activity in society. A large number of submissions, original performances, high professionalism of artists participating in previous editions - all these aspects make up the organization of the V Fetting Festival. We invite you to co-create the cultural community of the festival and participate in this musical event!



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