The most awaited hip hop concerts in autumn 2019 - check out what to go for

There are a lot of hip-hop concerts this autumn, both in big and small towns. The festivals will feature bands that have only recently gained fame, as well as those we remember years ago.

The return of the street rap

So let's start with living legends of Polish rap. On October 4th Peja will play in Warsaw with Slums Attack band. The artist associated with Poznań is rarely seen in the capital city, so it is worth going to the ISKRA club. Staying on the street, not always a politically correct rap, hip-hop concerts and it's also coming up in the fall, Grubson. The biggest one will probably take place in Cracow on 24th November in Fort Kleparz.

From the same time, Polish listeners may remember the songs of this type of Mesa. Today he is performing in the company of Emil Blef, who used to form the Flexxip band with Mes. Mikrotrasa will cover three clubs: the P23 in Katowice on September 13th, the Old Monastery in Wroclaw on October 3rd and the Poznan Club at Basel, where the last announced concert on October 4th will take place.

The hot hippie concerts this fall

For the fans of hip-hop concerts in autumn the decision may be difficult, because on the same day another famous musician will perform in Soda Underground club in Łódź. Don Guralesko will promote his new album and mixtape and will be accompanied by lesser-known younger generation rappers and live DJs.

Recalling the autumn hip-hop concerts, you can still see a performance of another star, which lit up at the beginning of the 21st century. At the time, band 52 Debiec had hits that could be heard constantly from the speakers in the bus or shop, not to mention the discos of the time. The concert will promote the works of Hans' frontman, who will also perform on stage as Hans Solo this evening. Under this pseudonym he recently released his second solo album. The concert will take place on October 10th in the Old Monastery in Wroclaw.

For an ambitious hip-hop concert in the fall to Elk

There are many phenomena in Polish hip-hop that people who like more avant-garde sounds may like. The music scene was lucky for them from the very beginning, when Kazik rapped in his rock songs. He was followed by Fisz, who still goes on tour with his brother Emade from time to time. One of them is currently underway, and for the hip-hop concert this autumn Fisz Emade you can go, among others, to Elk on October 12th.

Another duo in a similar climate is Taco Hemingway and David Podsiadlo. The next concert is to take place on 28 September at the National Stadium, and the whole tour will cover several more Polish cities.

Those who want to see many artists at a hip-hop concert at the same time in the autumn should think about buying a festival pass. The Hip-Hop Festival will have four editions in Jelenia Góra, Opole, Nysa and Lublin and will last from October 10-13. This is an opportunity to see many artists on stage at the same time, and when buying a ticket, the price of a ticket for individual hip-hop concerts in the autumn is particularly advantageous.

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