The most interesting music events in December - you can't miss it

Was your decision for New Year's Eve for 2019 "not to miss any party I may regret later"? Even if not, the end of the year is an ideal time to sum up the past 12 months well and get energy for the following year. Our party schedule for the whole of December will help you with this without difficulty. Sopot, Opole, or maybe Poznan?

There will be something going on in each of these cities! Check the events in your city on muno.pl.

To begin with, electronics

Already on December 7th the audience from Opole will witness an unusual project. Unframed is modern electronic music, modern technology and art in different versions. Opole as the capital of Polish song is undoubtedly ready to become a stage for an innovative project. This is a great opportunity to broaden musical horizons. An exceptional event requires an exceptional setting, which is why an attractive package is provided for VIP guests. It includes not only a separate entrance to the event and access to the VIP area, but also a parking space and free alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages without limit, as well as tasty snacks.

Smolik/Kev Fox in Poznań

On Wednesday, 11 December, a special duo - Smolik/Kev Fox - will perform in the Artis Hall. The All Saints Tour includes several cities, including Poznan. This is a unique tour four years after the debut and 2 years after the EP. The tour is a summary of the first album and the "Queen of Hearts" ep and after it ends the musicians will start working on the production of the next album. Queen of Hearts is a 4 track recording session at the cult Real World Studios in the UK. The concert in Poznań is an opportunity to be enchanted by the unique sounds of electronic and pop music.

How about Adriatique?

The Adriatique duo are two exceptional artists - Adrian Shala and Adrian Scheizer, who have been working together on the music scene for over 10 years. Later this year, Swiss artists will appear in Sopot to play in the Sfinks700 club on 14 December. Adriatique is privately created by friends who have contributed a lot to the techno and house movement. A decade of working together is not only about unique sounds, but also about our own label, Siamese. It supports the work of other artists and sets ambitious goals for the coming years. However, in Sopot Adriatique will seduce with its music. Close cooperation resulted in the creation of long, hypnotic sets that take the audience to another dimension. The Sopot audience will soon find out about it.

One Night in Sopot

We're back in Sopot and at the Sfinks700 club. A few days before the end of the year - December 27th - a club party with SNTS participation will take place here. It will allow you to move for a while into the dirty climate of the Berlin underground, where chaos is mixed with a moving techno rhythm. This unique approach makes him a highly desirable artist on the club scene, charming and a bit niche. An event with his participation will best end the passing year.

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