Thirsty Years end the unfiltered season and invite you to the next edition

The Cider Cider Route Lubelski Thirsty Years has filled me with creative energy! Let's hope for more of these concerts," says Bovska, summarizing the most refreshing holiday project. It is followed by the organizers and already today they invite you to another edition of cider concerts.

Six Polish cities; three stars: Bovska, Iza Lach, Two Famous; three special guests: The Dumplings, Natalia Przybysz, O.S.T.R.; a dozen or so thousand people and the grand finale in Lublin - this year's Cydr Lubelski Cider Thirsty Years tour aroused huge, unfiltered emotions. As every year, during the summer open-air concerts, unconventional, current, distinctive and imaginative artists performed. These are important voices on the young Polish music scene, strong and extremely authentic in what they do. In this edition, the musicians played without a filter. The motto #NIEFILTRUJEMY was also the leitmotif of the campaign of the initiator and the main sponsor of the tour - Cydr Lubelski brand, whose this year's holiday headline was Cydr Lubelski Niefiltered.

- I want more! And here it ends. It's a great pity that the tour is over, although the final sweetened that end. We didn't even mind the weather, which was exceptionally bad, although it stopped raining for my concert. The big scene is something I like the most and that was it. It also accommodated the emotions that accompanied the concert. The audience was very open and committed. What more do you want! - emphasizes Bovska, known for her fantastic debut album "Kaktus". - The Thirsty Years route has filled me with creative energy. I hope there's more of these concerts.

From the first concert in Wrocław to the grand finale in Lublin, the stage pulsated with musical energy, circulating between the performers and the lively audience.

Summer concert

- This year, for the first time, the Cider of the Lublin Cider Thirsty Years route was so musically diverse. Totally different styles have met on one stage: hip-hop, pop, electronics. We have invited outstanding vocalists and masters of verbal playing," stresses Robert Walewski, co-creator of the tour and brand manager of Cider Lubelski. - And that was the strength of this year's edition of the Thirsty. Each of the artists brought a different energy, attracting a completely different audience. We are glad that so different musical emotions and different people from all over Poland were joined by Cider Lubelski.

For several years now, Tymon Tymański, artistic director of the project, has been responsible for the line-up of the route.

- Comparing to the football world, the musicians of the Cider Lubelski Cider Thirsty Years tour are the first league to become the league of the first division tomorrow. We show you sounds that may not be quite known today, but will be very famous! (...) In our case, it means promoting new music, pointing out certain directions, musical tendencies - said Tymon Tymański when announcing the tour Cydr Lubelski Thirsty of Years. Summing it up during the Lublin finale he stated in one of his interviews: - It's like a cider with our scene. It is not an art to bet on someone who is known today. It's not a promoter.

- The Cider of Lublin Cider Thirsty for Years route with its unique locations has provided a great atmosphere to receive music - adds Iza Lach, an artist known for her collaboration with Snoop Dogg. No wonder that the concert series was one of the most photographed Polish music projects. All thanks to the FujiFilm INSTAX tour partner.

- We wanted to inspire the audience with #infiltered character of the concerts and give them a shot of refreshing energy. We managed to create an event with its own original atmosphere and we are looking forward to the next edition. See you at the concerts next year - Robert Walewski announces.



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