An active weekend in the city

In the spring we all have more energy, thirsty for sunshine and movement we are happy to go out of town or look for opportunities to spend time actively close to home. It takes really little to have a good time.

Weekend on two wheels

Cycling has become extremely popular in recent years. No wonder, it is a sport attractive and accessible to everyone, both regularly trained movement enthusiasts and office workers who occasionally take up sport. The pace, length and difficulty of the route depends only on us and our condition. And maybe even from the possibilities of our companions, which is well known to parents who take trips with their toddlers. A great solution for longer distances is a bicycle trailer, which also serves as a jogging cart. However, before you can go on a family bike rally, your child has to go through a stage of learning to ride a bike. It's worth starting with a cross-country bike. developing a sense of balance. After such an introduction it will be much easier to learn how to ride a bicycle.

More and more safe bicycle paths are being built in the cities, you can comfortably take a bicycle walk in the immediate vicinity, relax in a cosy café or go on a longer trip. Cyclists, depending on their preferences, can choose from a wide range of equipment - from economical models to bikes for professionals, from elegant "dutch trucks" for urban driving to bikes for competitive riding. Universal models such as the mountain bike with front shock absorber are very popular, which will work well in the city as well as on forest paths.

Spring picnic


Picnic, one word and immediately so many colourful images in your head - a picnic blanket spread out on the juicy green grass, a basket of delicacies on it, and shashlik baked on the grill next door. You can take all the necessary things in your picnic backpack. What more do you want? A picnic in a picturesque place, by the water or in the meadow is a way to have a great rest and quiet.

However, it doesn't have to mean just laziness if we remember to take sports equipment: a ball or badminton, or for the more picky ones: cricket, boccia or jerk sets. While waiting for a grilled sausage, it's definitely worth moving around.



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