Ciao Italia - get to know Italy from the kitchen!

Italian cuisine recipes

Italian cuisine is one of the most popular in the world. What's her secret? Of course, in a unique taste! For generations, the basis of the local dishes have been aromatic herbs and fresh vegetables - aubergines, capers and olives. How to conjure up Italian specialties in your kitchen? Success consists not only of well chosen ingredients, but also of what we prepare and serve ready-made dishes. The Westwing styles present accessories that will make preparing spaghetti bolognese or crispy pizza according to traditional Italian recipes easier than you think!

In the Italian Renaissance, the skill of cooking was treated as an art - on a par with the talent of painting or writing. Therefore, for many generations the preparation of meals has been ascribed great importance there. Italians are a very family nation. They express their feelings by preparing dishes for their loved ones stimulating their senses, often handed down from generation to generation. Get inspired by Italian culture and surprise your loved ones with unique flavours!

Pasta - the main character of spaghetti

Although the recipes often differ from the classical recipes from Italy, some dishes have become part of the Polish culinary canon permanently. One of them is spaghetti, which can be found in different versions: from bolognese to carbonara. Long, appetizing pasta - considered more important by the Italians than the sauce itself - will prove its worth during Sunday dinner with the family as well as during a romantic dinner. How to do it yourself? The recipe is very simple - flour, eggs and salt are enough. In addition to choosing the right proportions of ingredients, it is important to cut the dough properly. This task will be facilitated by a pasta chopper. If we don't feel like cooking all the pasta made at home, we can dry it on the dryer and then freeze it. To deal with an unruly, boiled product, it is worthwhile to stock up on the necessary accessories. A colander and a spoonful of spaghetti to "must have" in Italian cuisine! Let's not forget about the dishes in which we will give the effect of our work - special plates for paste will add an elegant setting to the dish.

Italian pizza

Traditional Italian pizza

It is assumed that the first pizza in the form known today was prepared by a Neapolitan chef. It was then that Queen Margaret of Italy came to town. It was served on a thin pastry dish with tomatoes, mozzarella and basil - these ingredients represented the Italian national colours. In honour of the queen, the pizza was called margarita and the term is known today to every lover of Italian cuisine. How to prepare at home a specialty that has won the recognition of the Italian queen and then the whole world? The key to success is fresh products, some talent and... practical accessories. You will need a dough rolling board, an efficient roller and a baking tray. "The latter can be replaced by a special pizza stone, which will make our regular oven look like a traditional Italian wood-burning oven. In addition, it will speed up the baking process, give the dough the right consistency and significantly improve its taste, creating crispy edges," says Marta Suchodolska, Westwing's creative director. Among the accessories there should also be helpers to serve the Italian delicacy. A wooden pizza board - available in many different forms - and a special cutting knife equipped with a round, rotating blade will make you feel like you are in a real Neapolitan pizzeria.

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