Exhibition of extraordinary fountain pens in Warsaw

Fountain pen exhibition

Fountain pens can be a work of art. At the exhibition in The Designer Gallery in Galeria Mokotów, thirty unique feathers from private collections can be seen for two weeks. Among them there are specimens that delight with their rich ornamentation and the use of precious stones. Some exhibits are even worth several hundred thousand zlotys.

Thirty unique pieces from private collections have been collected at the exhibition. These include pens of various brands, min. Montblanc, Montegrappa, Pelican and Visconti. All the exhibits come from limited editions, some of them in Poland are only in one copy.

- There are pens that have been produced in dozens or hundreds of copies around the world. We are very happy that their owners have decided to make them available to us - says Diana Kopycka, spokesperson of Galeria Mokotów, Newseria Lifestyle news agency.

All the exhibits gathered at the exhibition delight with their design, attention to detail and craftsmanship. Many of them show that the fountain pen is not only a utility object, but also a fashion jewellery accessory and even a work of art. These copies are characterized by rich ornamentation or the use of precious stones. Feathers, which can be admired at the exhibition at the Mokotów Gallery, are dedicated to great explorers and artists, some of them referring to the breakthrough events in world history.

- We can see for example Agatha Christie - a very rare, in fact unprecedented on the aftermarket copy published around 1992. In fact, the whole marathon of the next limited editions of the marathon was initiated by this model - says Tomasz Jóźwiak, brand manager of Montblanc.

The exhibition also features a pen by Elizabeth I Montblanc, a tribute to the life and rule of the British Queen. There are currently only 900 copies of this pen in the world, the body of which is made of maroon resin symbolizing the Queen's robe. Other interesting copies are feathers dedicated to the cinema icons: Greta Garbo, with a clip decorated with a pearl, and Marlene Dietrich, whose clip resembles the shape of a tie.

Exclusive pens

- We can see Harrison here. This is a unique pen because of the fact that it is a map of the world and it is placed on the latitude, longitude, where Montblanc Mountain is located - says Tomasz Jóźwiak.

Fountain pens have been a symbol of elegance, class of their owner and solidity for many years. Even in the era of widespread digitisation, they are not losing their popularity, especially in business and political environments. They are also of extraordinary collector's value - for some of them fountain pen lovers pay even several hundred thousand zlotys. The copy of Agatha Christie Montblanc has increased its value almost tenfold since its appearance in 1992.

- From the point of view of collectors, the value of fountain pens is enchanted in the story being told. For some, however, in their limitation, uniqueness, edition, and theme. On the other hand, such attributes as top-class craftsmanship, top-class materials, an idea and a brand can be unique to the non-collector world - says Tomasz Jóźwiak.

Exceptional fountain pens will only be available for viewing during the exhibition in The Designer Gallery. Since its inception in autumn last year, this area of Galeria Mokotów offers customers the opportunity not only to shop in prestigious boutiques, but also to see unique items, not available outside The Designer Gallery. The zone hosts exhibitions of works by fashion-related artists, such as Zofia Halarewicz, and luxury items such as Ateliers de Monaco watches.

The fountain pen exhibition will be open until April 3rd only. It is available to all customers of Galeria Mokotów during its opening hours in The Designer Gallery zone on level I.

Source: biznes.newseria.pl


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