Field or Manor? - that is Krakow invites Warsaw

The campaign "Don't pitol that you've seen everything" echoed loudly among the inhabitants of Krakow and in the world of marketing. Some were amused by the slogan and the use of Krakow's regionalism on a huge billboard in the very centre of the city. Others stated that the use of an "ugly" word in public space is at least out of place. Both of them were writing on Internet forums defending their opinions. The campaign was a success, attracting tens of thousands of visitors to the site and hundreds of tickets sold. And the whole discussion showed us all that crackers love their city to the point of madness.

This reaction inspired the company Odkryjzekrakow.pl to start another part of the campaign.

Let's promote Krakow, which we also love in other cities!

Outdoor or field?

Recently, Warsaw residents have been able to see surprising banners in social media: Someone invites tailors to the Field, or to the Royal Court. Ex-Capital invites you.

What is it?

And again, it didn't go without controversy. It concerns the use of the word "Tailors" as a common term for office workers. The use of this word was supposed to cause a smile and I think Internet users agree with it. Dozens of fabulous things on Instagram testify to that. Though not lacking and opponents, as in the previous campaign.

What's all this for?

As before, the aim is to convince as many people as possible to visit the magnificent Polish city with its extraordinary tradition and culture.

Krakow is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Europe. It is appreciated and willingly visited by foreigners. So why not invite our countrymen to Krakow?

Krakow's just for the weekend, don't you think?

Will the Varsovians be persuaded to visit Cracow?

And again, divided opinions: A cool initiative, interesting approach to promoting the city. On the other hand: Why so much noise? Does Krakow require such promotion?

If at least one person thinks "I haven't been to Krakow in a long time, maybe I'll go", the campaign has fulfilled its task without a doubt.

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