Find a green planet - free lectures and workshops

On the 27th and 28th of April in Magnolia Park invited schools (10.00-15.00) and customers (15.00-18.00) will take part in lectures and workshops, which will be led by representatives of the State Forests, ecological organizations and societies supporting ecological knowledge.

Participants of the event "In search of a clean planet" will find out, among other things, whether man is indispensable for forests, how to dress fashionably while taking care of the environment, and whether hybrid cars are always nature-friendly. Experts will also show how to give a "second chance" to bottles, rolls of paper or caps. Additionally, on Thursday Jerzy Gara will tell the schools about his blackberry emergency, and on Friday Mirosław Majcherek, a beekeeper, will introduce them to the life of bees.

Culinary workshops are also planned. Participants will learn how to prepare tasty and attractive dishes so that food is not wasted. Besides, they'll make healthy cocktails themselves, using a bicycle.

Magnolia Park will also have an "oxygen" orangery. Everyone will be able to rest and relax here surrounded by plants and singing birds. During the event there will be no shortage of information on how to easily create your own "oxygen factory".

There's more to it than that. Participants will test their knowledge during ecological knowledge tests and will receive attractive organic gifts, such as seed pots, for example. In turn, during classes for schools, representatives of each class will take part in a special competition - the class that obtains the best results will receive cinema tickets for the film of their choice.

- We are always willing to support initiatives that promote an ecological lifestyle - says Tomasz Waszkiewicz, director of Magnolia Park. - The event "In search of a clean planet", combining entertainment with science, will prove that caring for the environment is pleasant and simple. We invite whole families. Good fun guaranteed.

A modern shopping centre

Magnolia Park has 100,000 sqm of leasable area (GLA). There are 250 shops, service points, cafés and restaurants. Customers have 3.5 thousand free parking spaces at their disposal.

"In search of a clean planet."

Magnolia Park, Wrocław - 58 Legnicka Street

27 and 28 April 2017

Schools - 10.00-15.00

All customers - 15.00-18.00

Free entrance - welcome!

Magnolia Park is the largest shopping, entertainment and leisure centre in Lower Silesia. The total commercial area of the facility is 100 thousand square meters. There are 250 shops, cafes, restaurants and service points. Motorized customers have 3.5 thousand free parking spaces at their disposal.



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