Kindergarten theater and theatrical games

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One of the most important functions of early and pre-school education is to offer children access to culture. The theatre is an excellent tool here, because it consists of many forms and many interpretations, which together create a unique work, a kind of synthesis of art. Children should participate in it as spectators, but they can also perform various theatrical games - explains the creator of scenariuszaaselek.pl.

At preschool age, children naturally start to take on different roles, that is, looking at it from a slightly different angle, they become actors. They play house, doctor or shop. They're playing cops and firefighters. During the game they change their voices and play different roles. It is fun for them, an opportunity to exercise their voice or express themselves through movement expression. It is also very important that such play activates the spontaneity of the child, which, as it has been established in recent years, has a great influence on its development. Theatre for a child does not become another game, but it is part of his instinct to help build contacts with the environment.

Bringing a child into the play through the theatre has many advantages. First of all, we can say that we meet a child's need to incarnate in different professions, which is his ambition at this age. We develop the toddler's imagination and at the same time his diction improves. He'll pay more attention to her. During theatrical games, a child's memory and motor skills are formed. With pleasure, the child gains the ability to concentrate and all this comes naturally.
The emotional side of a child must not be forgotten. Playing theatre gives vent to its various emotional states and shapes the sense of observation. It allows the child to develop mechanisms for showing different emotions, which is not so obvious. Creating patterns is also very important here, because the child will see that good heroes can count on good reactions and bad heroes face ostracism. It is certainly also important that this kind of fun is a variety of everyday schemes.

Looking at the matter from the teacher's side, it is always necessary to make every effort to ensure that the child has fun and experiences theatre. There has to be feedback to allow the teacher to determine which elements are perceived positively, which ones are slightly less, and which ones lead to the realization of preschoolers' ambitions. The teacher must remember that giving theatre as a play is a key element and if children do not respond well to such a proposal, it should be abandoned. It is also necessary to differentiate between games so that children do not get used to them. There will certainly be problems with concentration, which must be counteracted by limiting additional sources of distraction, such as unnecessary people watching the game. The child will also feel more confident when he or she has a teacher with them.

Theatre can be difficult for some children, which should not discourage us. Children's ideas have to be listened to, sometimes taken into account, but always have a vision and strive to do the exercises correctly. This child is supposed to express himself while playing, so open criticism is a mistake, which does not mean that one should be allowed full freedom.



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