3 annoying hair problems that you can solve on your own

The condition of hair and its appearance depends on many factors. They are influenced mainly by care, proper diet, but also by your lifestyle. Often, however, despite taking care of our hair, and as we eat healthy, our hair still doesn't look like we want it to. Discover the three main hair problems and find out how to solve them once and for all!

1. brittle hair and split ends

The main problem faced by most women of all ages is broken strands and split ends. In this case, we usually choose to visit a hairdresser's and change our hairstyle drastically to get rid of damaged strands. And you can prevent this from happening earlier, just know how. Poor condition of individual hair structure may be a sign of vitamin B6, cysteine and methionine deficiency. These 3 ingredients are responsible for the proper structure of each hair. So maybe it's worth trying to make up for the anim vitamin deficiencies first, we decide to visit a hairdressing salon?

2. Excessive falling out

The causes of hair loss can be different. This process can be observed quite often in women when the hormonal balance of the body is disturbed, e.g. in the period after pregnancy or in thyroid problems. The best solution will then be a visit to an endocrinologist who will order appropriate tests and implement treatment. Another reason may be long-term stress. Of course, it is difficult to reduce the causes of stress on your own, but you can effectively mitigate its effects. One of the ways is to provide the body with appropriate B vitamins, because they are responsible for the proper functioning of the nervous system, and thus for mental health, relieve nervous tension, have a positive effect on mood, and improve intellectual performance.

how to take care of your hair?

3. dry scalp

Dry scalp is a problem that is mainly aesthetic, because the white flakes of skin settle on the strands and don't look encouraging. Dandruff is an embarrassing affliction, and we can deal with it very easily. It is important to remember that our scalp, just like the one on the body, needs proper hydration. Both inside and outside. A good solution will be, for example, rubbing nigger oil into the head, which, thanks to the wealth of vitamins and amino acids, perfectly moisturizes and eliminates dry skin. Taking supplements rich in vitamins A and E and biotin will also be a good solution, helping the skin to maintain optimal moisture levels.

Now you know that popular hair problems can have different origins. However, what they have in common is a shortage of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. That's why it's worth betting on a proven dietary supplement, e.g. Merz Spezial Dragees, which will help you rebuild deficiencies in key ingredients in the body, eliminate hair and scalp problems and gain a beautiful, thick hairstyle.



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