3 reasons for extending eyelashes

Artificial eyelashes are a beauty hit of the last few years, which is an undivided rule in beauty parlours. Women are more and more willing to undergo the extension procedure, choosing from more and more fancy and original methods of attaching artificial hair. Is it worth taking this step?

Long, shiny and resilient eyelashes - you surely dream of them too. Now it is possible to achieve such an effect thanks to the eyelash extension or thickening treatment, which is offered in many beauty parlours.

If you're still not sure if artificial eyelashes are the solution for you, take a look at the 3 reasons why you should go for this type of treatment.

No need to paint!

I guess every woman knows how much time it takes to get her makeup in the morning and how much nerve it costs to get the mascara out of her eyelids - for example, on her eyelid. It also doesn't feel very nice when our eye makeup gets blurred during the day, or mascara just gets thicker from the temperature.

lash palette

14 coloured eyelash palette. Source: Amazing Lashes

If we lengthen the eyelashes, we'll miss these problems. We will always look good in new, artificial eyelashes - even when someone unexpectedly wakes us up in the middle of the night. Eyelash extensions will therefore be a great option for active women who lead an active professional or social life.

The treatment is safe!

Many of us are afraid to do new things because of our fear and doubts about our safety. If you're worried that the artificial eyelashes will affect your health - stop! You shouldn't be afraid of allergic reactions associated with the adhesive either. Your beautician can use a fully hypoallergenic adhesive that will not endanger you.

In addition, it is worth remembering that all the rules of hygiene and safety are maintained in the office, so that we will not be harmed.

Just repeat it every few weeks!

If you're afraid that you won't have time to fill in the eyelashes that fell out - you don't have to worry. The treatment is repeated in accordance with our natural rhythm of eyelash loss. This means that you'll be scheduled for treatment every 3-5 weeks - depending on how often your natural hair loss cycle is looped through. You think you can find 2 hours every month to make up for the losses?

It is worth remembering that, contrary to the popular myth, artificial eyelashes do not burden our real ones. Each eyelash has its own stage of growing and falling out and it "sticks" to it.



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