A slimmer and firmer body after just one treatment - you'll be ready in time for your holiday

The desired sunny spring-summer season is getting closer. And although all seasons of the year we take care of our face, neck, cleavage or hands, which we show every day, our body will be exposed right now, starting from May Day. You may have managed to shed a few pounds, but now you're left with the remaining limp skin and the last, albeit small, but most difficult layer of fat to lose? For the weight of gold may turn out to be fast, because disposable, yet very effective and safe therapies. Such a breakthrough and currently the latest laser procedure is Endolift, which gives instant results without the need for a whole series and works in two ways: once and for all, it reduces adipose tissue and at the same time firms the body.

You started preparing for the bikini season a long time ago and even though you can see the results, you're a little short of satisfaction? The loss of the first overweight is the first step to success, but the real difficulties arise during the "last cut" on the way to your dream silhouette. Firming the flaccid skin left over from slimming and getting rid of the last, although already small amount of excess fat is most difficult. Often without the support of aesthetic medicine they are not possible to achieve at home. In order to feel almost in a moment like a second skin in your swimsuit, it is worth to use Endolift treatment with LASEmaR 1500 laser.

Firm skin even in the most difficult areas

Many factors influence the loss of skin firmness, one of them being age. From the age of 25 our skin slows down the production of collagen and we start to notice its deficiencies manifested by flaccidity and loss of skin tension. As we get older, so called pelicans appear, i.e. flaccid shoulder skin or skin falling over the knees. Sagging skin in the abdomen area also appears as a result of intensive weight loss and after pregnancy, when the skin after stretching is not able to regain its original elasticity. Most treatments, firming all problematic areas of the body, require a series of treatments, which requires planning the right amount of time in advance. This is completely different with Endolift, which not only gives immediate results but also helps to deal with sagging skin in virtually all areas of the body. In addition to the areas mentioned above, Endolift is also very good at lifting buttocks and firming thighs. What's the secret of its operation? The treatment shrinks collagen fibers, simulates tissues to produce new collagen and improves metabolic functions in the extracellular matrix, leading to skin lifting and regeneration.

Get rid of your body fat forever

The aforementioned two-track action of the treatment consists of simultaneous firming of the body and, if necessary, removal of excess fat from it. Introduced into the superficial layers of the subcutaneous tissue thin as a hair micro-optical fibrin fibres transmit energy, which not only stimulates the cells to produce new collagen as a result of excellent water absorption, but also has an effect on fat, destroying it and then removing it from the body. Importantly, fat cells are disposed of irreversibly. Just one treatment allows you to combat what is most difficult during weight loss - metabolically inactive fat tissue and thus - resistant to diet and fitness left to shed.

Why does Endolift work as a last minute treatment?

The procedure does not require anesthesia or special preparation by the patient, nor does it require a period of convalescence. The first firming effects, thanks to the immediate retraction of collagen fibres, are visible immediately, while the final both firming and slimming effects are visible after 3-6 months, during which collagen synthesis in deeper layers of the skin takes place and the body gets rid of the damaged fat tissue. What is important is that the results obtained are long-term, so we will be able to enjoy them for a very long time while leading a healthy lifestyle.



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