Alexandrite chameleon among the stones

Alexandrite is one of the most precious gems. The most beautiful specimens are found in the Ural Mountains, where it was discovered in the 19th century in the 1930s. The stone was named after Tsar Alexander II. Due to its unique colour, it is described as an emerald by day and a ruby by night. Engagement rings with alexandrite will surely steal many women's hearts!

Alexandrite is considered a rare and noble variety of chrysoberil. It is an expensive stone, but its uniqueness is worth paying any price. The most beautiful specimens are given a brilliant cut, thanks to which they gain shine and flicker beautifully.

Alexandrite - the presence

Alexandrites can be found in Burma in Mogocco, Tasmania, Ceylon, Madagascar in Tsarasatro and Ambatosoratra, in the United States and Brazil in Minas Gerais and Bahia. The deposits in the Urals are almost completely depleted. The most magnificent Ural Alexandrites can be found in the A. E. Fersman Mineralogical Museum of the Academy of Sciences in Moscow.

Alexandrite - hue

The colour of alexandrite is difficult to judge, because it is variable depending on the light. It can be purple, ruby, navy blue, purple. Apart from colour, it also changes its brightness. This is due to the angle of light. In daylight, the stone has a blue-green or blue-violet shade, while in artificial light it is purple-red.

What property causes colour changes in Alexandrite? It has the ability to filter out different parts of the light spectrum. Interestingly, experience has shown that this stone darkens with the mental disorders of the person wearing it and his or her severe experiences.


Alexandrite - health

Alexandrite, known as the meandering jewel, has an extremely intense effect on the nervous system. It brings balance and joy to some of its owners, helps to find harmony in life, eliminates chronic fatigue and emotional exhaustion. This mineral is ideal for the fight against stress and apathy, relieving hard feelings and anxieties. It is worth knowing that alexandrite located near the monitor neutralizes its harmful electromagnetic radiation.

It can be said that this stone takes over the good and negative waves of the human body. It may bring good luck, but be careful - not everyone! He bestows good things on people born under the sign of the Twins; for the rest of the signs he is neutral, and in turn can bring misery to some. This is an unusual phenomenon, we can only compare such dependence with pearls.

Alexandrite - application

Alexandrite is a jewellery stone, it easily breaks during cutting and polishing. Thanks to the use of the latest technology, scientists have managed to produce a synthetic version of alexandrite. It is used, among others, in lasers, to produce portholes in spacecraft.

Engagement rings with alexandrite

Alexandrite is an interesting choice when it comes to engagement. The man will thus emphasize the extraordinary personality of his beloved. Just like alexandrite, a woman can have two faces.



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