Are the glasses in the kindergarten harmful?

More and more adults and children are having problems with their eyesight, which is a warning for ophthalmologists. Each of us spends many hours in front of a monitor, tablet or TV screen, which directly translates into the deterioration of the organ of sight. Many people in this situation reach for moisturizing drops or dietary supplements, and put on the so called "Kidney Glasses" for work (https://avm4you.pl/okulary-do-komputera-zerowki-antyrefleksyjne/b_yose).

Eye protection first of all!

People with a visual impairment know very well the problem of everyday use of glasses. Dirt, fingerprints or glasses evaporation are their daily struggle, yet amateurs of non-corrective glasses are increasing every year. This is certainly influenced by current trends and an increasing choice of attractive frames, which are becoming a fashionable addition to everyday outfit. Kindergarten users emphasize the fact that they primarily try to protect their eyes from harmful computer radiation during many hours of work. Many people are certainly tempted by the fact that they are seen as more serious and professional when wearing glasses. The question arises, however, whether the wearing of glasses with zero-zeroes by people who do not have a visual impairment is not by any chance harmful?

What about anti-reflection and UV filters?

It should be remembered that badly chosen glasses can cause many ailments such as headaches and dizziness, burning sensation, tearing or, as a result, actual visual impairment. Our eyes are very sensitive to any external stimuli, so when choosing glasses that are to serve only a protective function, it is worth following the advice of a professional. Never buy glasses in supermarkets or bazaars, because the plastic used for glasses is usually the worst kind. Such glasses often do not have any UV filters to protect the eyes from sunlight and ultraviolet radiation. Using wrongly chosen glasses from the kindergarten can only hurt yourself, so you should think about buying a professional pair of glasses.

The best LED-Protect coatings

If you are looking for a transitional fashion or a healthy trend, it is best to seek specialist advice. If we decide to buy glasses, it is worth going to an optician who will select the best parameters for us and will know what kind of materials will be used in our company. If you are looking for glasses for occasional wear or, for example, for photos, you can try a cheaper version. However, if you want to use glasses in your daily work, it is definitely worth investing in the right quality. When you buy "Kindergartens" with only traditional anti-reflection, you will not be able to eliminate the harmful effects of blue light, which is emitted by the monitors. The materials used will of course sharpen the field of vision but will not block out harmful radiation. To ensure that our eyes are properly protected, it is worth buying glasses with special LED-Protect coatings, which fully protect the eyes. Thanks to the latest solutions, the coatings minimize the reflection of blue-green light, which has a real impact on the quality of vision. Such glasses are especially recommended for people who spend long hours in front of a computer, as well as for professional drivers - their performance significantly improves visual comfort during difficult weather or in the dark.



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