Bee feathers - performance and use

Of all the valuable bee products, honeys are definitely the most popular. There are different types of these and everyone can choose what he or she likes most, or what is recommended in connection with some of his or her ailments. However, it is worth knowing that honeys are not the only products prepared by bees. You can also invest in a product called bee bread, which also has numerous, healthful properties. He is still undoubtedly too little known, although if someone has already had the opportunity to get to know him, he is happy to recommend him to everyone and often buys him later. What exactly is a bee's feather and when is it worth using it? How does it affect the human body?

Bee feathers. What's that?

A bee's feather is a product made by bees. It is made of pollen, which the bees process in an appropriate way. Evidence that a bee's feather is healthier than pollen itself is the fact that bees that feed on it live longer than others. People have long known the valuable properties of this product. It is an unusual mixture of pollen, royal jelly and honey that is slaughtered and collected in the cells of bees. They are sealed with honey, and the feathers themselves are to feed selected bees for the autumn-winter period. Thanks to such an accumulation, she is extremely healthy, as she undergoes anaerobic fermentation. It also ensures faster, better absorption by the human body.

bee feather how it works

Bee feathers - how does it work?

A bee's feather helps the body to fight many ailments. It is even called a "royal gift" or "elixir of youth" in this connection. The plumage can, among other things:

  • boost the immune system
  • to assist the body during treatment with pharmaceuticals
  • boost the nervous system
  • help focus and memory
  • help to treat depression
  • help regulate the digestive system
  • relieve your allergy
  • regulate blood cholesterol
  • heartbreak
  • help with cell regeneration
  • to help cleanse the liver.

These are just some of its amazing qualities. It is worth knowing that bee feathers also have an anti-aging effect, which is the result of the large amount of antioxidants that are in them. That's why bee feathers are worth taking daily!

Bee feathers - price

A bee's feathered bee is not a product that would be particularly difficult to buy. Although honey is much more common, you can certainly find it in healthy food stores. You can also take advantage of the offer of online shops, where you can compare prices - and choose the product that ultimately suits you best. Unfortunately, you have to pay quite a lot for a jar or a sack, but in the end you still gain - because it is an investment in yourself and your health. For 100 grams we will pay an average of just over 20 PLN. It is also possible to buy special preparations with a breast concentrate - a box with 30 tablets is, however, a cost of several dozen zlotys (about 80).



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