Cheese Skunk Auto - Collector's Cannabis Seeds

When you hear the word marijuana, most people will immediately think of an illegal drug. In Poland it is illegal to grow this plant, as well as to trade or possess it. Opinions about her are divided. Some people think it's a heavy drug. However, there is a large group of supporters who claim that this specificity should be legal. Over the past few years, we have also been able to observe the dispute over medical marijuana, which has been legalised in Poland. Nowadays you can increasingly meet people collecting cannabis seeds. It should be stressed here that such practice is as legal as possible in Poland.

The collector's nature of man

People have been collecting all sorts of things since forever. A few years ago, philately was popular, i.e. collecting stamps or numismatics - collecting coins. Whatever the subject of our collection, we want it to be as varied as possible. Many people are able to spend quite a bit of money on buying new items so that their collection is breathtaking. This is also the case with marijuana seeds. The beans that are sold through internet portals do not have any drugs, so you can have them without fear of being charged.

cheese skunk auto

Cheese Skunk Auto seeds

One type of seeds that can be collected is Cheese Skunk Auto. It is worth noting that cannabis seeds have many nutritional properties. They are a rich source of omega-3 and omega-6 acids. They provide man with amino acids and protein. Therefore, it is worth adding them to oatmeal or cocktails to make up for mineral deficiencies. The important thing is that such seeds can only be a collection. So if we want to grow a plant out of them, we can expect problems.

What makes collector's cannabis seeds special

Collector's cannabis seeds have many varieties. They are mainly obtained by genetic crossbreeding. It can also divide them according to the place of cultivation. Outdoors is one that could theoretically be grown outdoors. The second group is indoor seeds, which need special greenhouses for growth and breeding. Hemp seeds can also vary in price. The price of the grains starts with a few dozen zlotys per piece, and may even reach several hundred zlotys.

Where to buy collector's cannabis seeds

Collecting marijuana seeds is becoming increasingly popular. And where there is demand, there is supply. This is why many online shops are being set up that specialise in selling collector's seeds. It's less common to meet stationary stores. Most often, websites give a full description of the properties that the species have. From the variety of products offered, it can turn many collectors' heads. Most often you buy seeds per piece and the price is given for one seed, although of course everything depends on the shop.

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