Cleaning, make-up removal, dulling - 3in1 micellar liquid for oily skin

makeup removal

Shine, pimples, imperfections... if you are struggling with problems typical of oily skin, then 3in1 Garnier Pure Skin Micellar Liquid 3in1 is just for you! Find out how it works and what its extraordinary power is.

3in1 micellar liquid, or three extraordinary actions

Garnier has created an extraordinary line of 3in1 micellar fluids. Each of the cosmetics has three unique properties that perfectly meet the needs of the skin for which they are dedicated. This way you can find the perfect cosmetic for you!

The 3in1 micellar liquid for oily skin also has three unique properties. First of all, cleaning, i.e. removing all impurities, even those in the pores. Secondly, makeup removal, an effective way to quickly and painlessly remove make-up residue. And thirdly, tarnishing. The most important factor for people who struggle with oily skin problems.

Cleansing oily skin

Cleaning is the most important part of every care. We don't realize how much dirt we collect on our faces during the day. Urban dust, smoke, pollen invisible to the naked eye - it sticks to our skin and, together with the sebum, starts to harm it.

The 3in1 micellar liquid helps to remove all these impurities in one movement! Without unnecessary rubbing, it simply attracts them like a magnet and helps to get rid of them. For oily skin this is extremely important - impurities are very often the cause of imperfections, to which oily skin is most prone.

Cleaning, make-up removal, dulling - 3in1 micellar liquid for oily skin

Oily complexion makeup removal

3in1 micellar liquid is basically a cosmetic designed for makeup removal. It does a great job of removing not only the primer or powder, but also deals with more difficult cosmetics. He removes crayons and inks, he can handle lipstick perfectly.

One of the greatest advantages of 3in1 micellar fluid is its versatility. It's just one cosmetic, but you'll get rid of face, eye and lip make-up with it. And in one simple gesture, no rubbing!

Micellar fluid: matting of oily skin

Micellar liquid has a light toning effect. It does not contain alcohol or parabens, so removing excess sebum is as safe and gentle as possible. And most importantly: permanent! 3-in-1 micellar liquid from Garnier's wonderfully dull face.

In addition, it slightly moisturizes, which helps to maintain a proper hydrolipidic balance. This makes the tissue in better condition, more pleasant to the touch, smooth and soft. Getting your facial skin in perfect condition is a tedious and lengthy process, but with this cosmetic you may succeed. It is worth using it to strongly reduce the inconveniences associated with oily skin problems.

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