Collector's hemp seeds

hemp seed

In Poland, it is forbidden to own or grow hemp without a permit, and views on this plant are very divided. Some treat it as a psychotic agent, others as a hope for patients with epilepsy and multiple sclerosis. More and more people are becoming aware of the beneficial properties of hemp and its wide use in the food, clothing and cosmetics industries.

Recently it has also been allowed to have medicinal hemp for personal use. They can be used in the form of medical marijuana by patients to whom a doctor will issue a suitable prescription. However, the law strictly requires persons distributing or taking hemp, in which THC content exceeds the set standard of 0.2%. This applies to drought in all but one variety, the seeds are legal.

Collector's cannabis seeds and Polish law

Possession of cannabis seeds is, like most EU countries, completely legal in Poland. However, it is illegal to germinate and breed them. This is because hemp in seed form has no intoxicating substances in the human body. In Poland, you can do so legally and without any fear:

● to buy various cannabis seeds,

● to sell them,

● to collect any number of them,

● to exchange them with other collectors,

● to eat the seeds.

cannabis seeds

Cannabis seeds - collector's hobby

Controversy over marijuana and divided opinions about it have caused more and more people to take an interest in this plant that has been known to mankind for 5,000 years. Year after year, the number of seed collectors is growing, with more and more impressive harvests in their homes. Like mushrooms for rain, forums for green hobby supporters are created. In almost every larger city, you will find a stationary shop offering several to several hundred seeds. There is also a lot of competition on the Internet. The sellers offer several dozen varieties of hemp seed from different parts of the world, and even rankings are created based on the history and specific characteristics of certain species.

Hemp in the top

If it is normal to collect old coins, stamps or matchboxes, why should it be surprising to collect hemp seeds? Just like in the case of numismatic or philatelic collector's items, there are better and worse varieties in the world of seed collection. In 2016, a ranking was even drawn up, presenting the most popular types of seeds among amateurs of hemp collection. These include species with original names such as Pineapple Kush, Amnesia Haze, Shining Silver Haze, Medical Mass or Speedy Chile.

Cannabis seeds are not a drug

In conclusion, it is worth noting once again that the seed itself is not a drug. Nor are they a precursor, which means that they are not subject to special rules of possession or trade. It's different if something germinates from the grain or inadvertently leaves. Then, in the light of Article 45/§3 and §4 of the Law on Counteracting Drug Addiction of 29 July 2005 (as amended), innocent grain becomes a psychotropic agent.



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