Computer glasses

Contrary to appearances, proper eye protection should be provided not only by people with a visual impairment, but also by people who do not have a problem with it. A few hours of computer work is an extraordinary effort for every eye, regardless of its condition. Despite breaks and special filters, it may not be possible to protect your eyes from the negative effects of light emitted by the monitor. Therefore, special computer glasses are recommended, especially for long-time users.

What should glasses for the computer look like?

The computer glasses for people with no visual impairment or problems with proper visual acuity should be equipped with glasses that are coated with a special coating that improves the quality of vision as well as comfort. We can opt for computer anti-reflective glasses, but it is worth remembering that this coating comes in several types: AR, hydrophobic or oleophobic. The AR coating eliminates light reflections that appear on both sides of the lens. This is extremely important because these reflections reduce the clarity of vision, distract attention and irritate the eyes. They are available in AVM Lenses and opticians' shops.

Computer glasses - do they help?

Many people ask themselves what anti-reflective glasses give to a computer because they do not realize how important it is to protect their eyes when looking at the monitor screen for several hours. Computer glasses are recommended even for healthy eyes. Anti-reflection lenses, or AR, improve visual contrast. Artificial lighting in rooms makes the eyes tired, and thanks to a special coating on the glass, we are able to prevent this and protect the eyes from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation. The AR coating extinguishes reflections on the surface of spectacle lenses. As a result, driving safety is increased, as the lights of the cars driving from opposite do not dazzle us. In optical salons we can get the latest generation of anti-reflective spectacle lenses, which have as many as sixteen enriching layers, which include double-sided varnish hardening, superhydrophobic layer as well as oleophobic and antistatic.

Choosing the right glasses

The glasses for computer and everyday use should be equipped with an anti-reflective coating to reflect the light emitted by the monitor screen. Anti-reflectors in glasses can be used not only when using a computer but also in everyday glasses. Computer glasses can be financed by the employer, so you can be tempted to buy glasses that use the latest technology. In this case, you can think about buying Blue Resistant coated spectacle lenses. This coating protects the eyes from the harmful effects of blue-violet light. Blue Resistant coating is an ideal solution for those who spend a lot of time at the monitor screen. AVM Lenses computer glasses equipped with this modern solution have a characteristic blue glow that can be noticed by people looking at us from the side. Such an effect does not adversely affect the comfort of use. However, it effectively eliminates the feeling of eye fatigue, so that we can work at the computer for longer without the risk of visual impairment.



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