Cosmetic endermology - how to take care of your body?

A beautiful body is a dream of many people. Women take special care of themselves. A sporty silhouette and smooth skin - these are the attributes of women that the media show us. No wonder that a large number of ladies are striving to look like models from the front pages of newspapers. How to achieve this? Modern cosmetology comes in handy. The method to smooth the skin is endermology. What is this and what benefits does it bring to our body?

Endermology - what is it?

Endermology is a mechanical vacuum massage that affects the connective tissue. It is performed with a special massager. It is a very safe form of silhouette modulation. The treatment can be applied to the face and the whole body (except the breasts). Various modes can be used: sporting, aesthetic and therapeutic. The first option is designed for people who are preparing for a lot of physical effort. Aesthetic massage is designed to modulate the figure and therapeutic massage reduces the lymph accumulated in the body.

Application of endermology

Endermology is mainly used to fight cellulite. Cellulite, otherwise known as orange peel, is the result of unnaturally growing body fat, which is also unevenly distributed in the human body. Endermology can stop the formation of cellulite and reduce its visibility. The main objectives of the treatment are: oxygenation of the skin and acceleration of circulation. The skin is subject to natural regeneration.

In addition, endermology is also used to rejuvenate the face. By stimulating connective tissue cells, it affects the production of collagen - a protein that is responsible for the elasticity and firmness of the skin. In addition, it also allows the removal of toxins from the body because it speeds up metabolism.

How to use endermological treatment?

People who have decided on endermology must remember that a single treatment will not significantly improve the condition of the skin. To notice the beneficial effects of the vacuum massage, a series of 10 or even 20 treatments should be performed. The average cost of one procedure ranges from 150 PLN to 200. It is worth noting that the procedure is non-invasive and does not cause pain. Patients must be wearing a special suit. It is designed to protect the skin from direct contact with the massage head. Endermology also improves the well-being of patients, as endorphins are secreted during the procedure.

Endermology - contraindications

When deciding on the treatment, it is worth remembering that there are some limitations. These include, among others: cancer, pregnancy and breastfeeding period, vascular inflammation, skin infections, use of anticoagulants, rosacea, varicose veins, eczema, mechanical damage to skin and epidermis.

Where to perform the endermological procedure? In the Murano clinic, which is located in Warsaw. Professional service will explain the rules of operation and the procedure in detail. The employees of Murano Clinic have been taking care of the comfort and improvement of customers' lives for many years.



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