Don't be afraid of the sun. Get ready for it!

The fight against discolouration does not have to be long and difficult and takes place only in autumn and winter.

Sesderma, a Spanish manufacturer of professional dermocosmetics, has developed unique products - an Azelac RU SPF 50 emulsion that works on various causes of discolouration, which can also be used in summer, and a sunscreen line to repair DNA damage - Repaskin. Both help to reduce unsightly spots and prevent their recurrence.

Discolouration is a nightmare for women of all ages and skin colours, but the risk of it increases with age and is more common for people with darker skin, due to the body's higher pigment production. We don't know the causes - there are usually several of them at the same time: from genetic susceptibility, through hormonal disorders, to external factors, like some drugs - but we do know that sunlight plays an important role in problems with uneven skin tone.

Systematicity and efficiency

If you don't start fighting with discolorations until they appear, prepare yourself that this fight will be longer and - depending on the severity of the problem - may be more difficult. To avoid this, it is necessary to effectively prevent their formation by taking care of a comprehensive year-round care based on cosmetics containing proven ingredients that not only reduce the symptoms of pigmentation problems, but reach their source. Sesderma, a Spanish company with a presence in 60 countries around the world, has been operating in the dermocosmetics market for almost 30 years and pays special attention to solving problems with excessive pigmentation, using the latest scientific developments. The Azelac RU and Repaskin lines contain products that together form a comprehensive skin care base with the problem of plagues and photoageing.

NEW - Azelac RU SPF50 - triple action

The latest product from the Azelac RU line - developed for people with pigmentation disorders - the Azelac RU SPF50 lightening emulsion reduces and prevents further discolouration of various substrates and, thanks to the content of plant growth factors, also has an anti-aging effect. The main distinguishing feature of Azelac RU SPF50 is its rich composition, taking into account a number of factors influencing the mechanisms of discoloration formation and their complexity. The emulsion contains innovative active ingredients with depigmenting and anti-hyperpigmentation properties, including azelaic acid, tranexamic acid and SPF50 physical and chemical filters, protecting the skin against sunlight, illuminating pigments and TGF-BETA 2 growth factors, which regenerate the skin matrix and strengthen the skin scaffold. Thanks to nanotechnology, the components of the emulsion reach the dermis layer, providing intensive depigmentation effect.

With Azelac RU SPF50, you will no longer need a set of cosmetics for a variety of problems and weather conditions - this innovative product, which effectively combines protective functions, skin tone compensation and anti-ageing properties, facilitates daily care and reduces the number of cosmetics used. It can be applied all year round as a prophylactic measure, thus preparing the skin for increased solar radiation during the summer, minimizing the risk of discoloration.


NEW: Azelac RU SPF50 (50 ml) PLN 175.50

Active ingredients: azelaic acid, tranexamic acid, 4-butyl resorcinol, udecyleneyl phenyleneil, boldyne diacetyl, white mulberry extract, ascorbyl glucoside (the most stable form of vitamin C), niacinamide, physical and chemical filters SPF50, growth factors TGF-BETA 2.

Repaskin - protection and repair at skin DNA level

With Azelac RU SPF50 you do not need to use additional filter creams. But beautiful skin is not just a face - to keep your whole body healthy and young, especially in summer, protect your skin from the harmful effects of sunlight. Especially when the signs of photoageing, such as loss of firmness, dehydration, discoloration or local keratosis, are already visible. Such skin needs more than just sun protection. Created by Sesderma, the Repaskin line combines the protection of the skin against UV radiation and the reconstruction of damaged cells. The cosmetics of the series have been developed using nanotechnology, which increases the penetration of active substances into the skin, and based on the latest advances in genocosmetics: they contain physical and chemical filters that effectively stop UVA and UVB radiation from damaging the skin, and SHIELD-SYSTEM technology, containing enzymes that repair DNA and neutralize photodamage. Studies show that Repaskin can repair up to 50% of DNA damage.

Repaskin products protect the skin from sunburn and DNA damage, repair cellular damage caused by the sun and stop oxidative damage. They are recommended daily and during the period of intensive UV radiation, they are effective both as an additional dose of antioxidants when using Azelac RU SPF 50 and as sun protection when taking care of other Azelac RU discolouration products. The Repaskin line includes: Repaskin Mender Liposome Serum, Repaskin Photoprotector SPF50 for face with Dry Touch formula, Repaskin Photoprotector SPF50 for body, Repaskin Post-Solar Gel, Repaskin Transparent Spray SPF50 and Repaskin Defense Mist.



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