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If you're looking for a dress that's timeless and will always be the right fashionable choice, you don't have to think about it. Dresses that are spread out are a hit in this respect, especially if you have to hide "this and that". The dresses are perfectly concealing any deficiencies of the silhouette, and are extremely versatile. You can dress them up for a wedding, a friend's birthday or a family party. If you choose the right accessories, you can even dress her up for work! Well, what does it mean, "a properly chosen dress spread out"? In this article you will find out everything.

Dresses are very often chosen by women because of their timeless character and universal cut. They suit almost all occasions, from the least to the most official - communions, weddings with friends and family. The spread out bottom perfectly masks the body's deficiencies, so if you want to optically reduce your wide hips or lengthen your body and slim your waist - use a strap that will make your body more proportional.

dresses spread out

The spread out dress is also an excellent choice for ladies with the figure of ala apple. Wide hips won't be a problem, because the spread out dress optically lengthens the waist perfectly, covers the tummy perfectly and emphasizes pretty legs. The basic colours of these styles are black and white (sometimes red), but the absolute hit this summer is definitely powder pink.

A dishevelled wedding dress

If you have a big problem choosing a dress for your wedding, we are in a hurry to comfort you - first of all, you are not alone, and secondly, the choice should be obvious! It is obvious that such an occasion as a wedding requires a special looku about us, but it is at such moments that the dresses come to help. This model looks great in dancing and is very comfortable, even for long wedding nights (and sometimes even mornings). Lace models, i.e. airy dresses spread out, are a great choice for warmer days. For cooler dresses we recommend powder dresses in peas - they fit the wedding climate and are super trendy and elegant.

Match the model to your figure - dishevelled dresses in practice

As we have already mentioned, the dresses are very versatile and elegant, but you have to fit them properly to your figure. Hiding your shortcomings shouldn't be a problem if you use one simple trick - pull it down slightly and add high heeled shoes. You will appear slimmer and taller, and your tummy will not be the slightest problem as it will be beautifully covered. To improve the effect, place a band along your hips.

A great way to do this is to choose a floral dress with a waist under your bust - it can also work wonders when it comes to optically reducing curves. But remember, first of all, you have to feel good in your dress. It depends on how others will perceive you. So make yourself feel good and be the queen of the dance floor in a beautifully laid out dress!

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