Endermology as a way to get a beautiful silhouette

Endermology is a massage performed under pressure, whose aim is to stimulate connective tissue. It can be applied to the face and body (except for breasts). The treatment stimulates fat burning and production of collagen fibres. It therefore has a dual effect, slimming and firming. It can be used to model the contour of the face, eyes and lips, to fight cellulite or to improve overall skin elasticity.

The non-invasive method of vacuum massage allows for faster breakdown of adipose tissue, which supports slimming. It also improves the blood and lymph flow, which also influences the removal of toxins from the body. A regular massage also reduces water retention, which has a positive effect on the body's proportions. The massage also has an oxygenating and blood circulation improving effect, thanks to which it acts as a prevention of cellulite and stretch marks. It is a great solution for women after a recent pregnancy and people who suffer from flabby skin after losing a large number of kilograms. This method also gives good results in supporting the treatment of scars, contusions and swelling, making it popular among athletes. Customers using endermology also talk a lot about its relaxing and therapeutic effect, so it is used additionally in the treatment of chronic muscle pain.


Method of endermological treatment

The treatment carried out in a beauty salon is safe and painless. It is performed in an adjacent overalls that protects the skin from direct contact with the head of the massage device. The head consists of two pressure rollers and a suction chamber. Under the influence of pressure, the skin fold is sucked in between the rolls of the device, which makes it possible to stimulate deep skin layers. Then the fold is rolled inwards and outwards, taking the shape of a wave. As a result of the profound influence it also stimulates connective tissue and generates collagen and elastin, which are responsible for skin firmness. This effect will not be achieved during cosmetic treatments with cosmetics, because their action stops below the epidermis. The intensity of the massage depends on the selected body part and the client's preferences. The device also has more detailed options for sucking, kneading the skin or varying the degree of tissue stimulation.

Access to the latest technology and safe equipment

Murano Clinic offers access to the best aesthetic medicine studio with modern LPG system equipment. They make sure that the treatment will be safe and pleasant, and you will be well cared for by specialists. However, due to the fact that it is a procedure that affects deep skin layers, it should not be used in people after an abdominal hernia, with problems with the circulatory system and varicose veins. For endermology to be effective and bring visible results it must be performed in series from 10 to 15 treatments (1-2 times a week).



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