How does collagen affect hair?

Are you one of those people who dream of beautiful, bouncy, healthy and shiny hair? You're certainly no exception, because there are many people who aren't happy with the state of their hair. So they use different kinds of cosmetics - shampoos, conditioners, masks. However, they are not always able to solve the problem of brittle and fragile hair. Why? Because their problem often lies not in external care but in internal construction. What can you do to nourish and rebuild your hair from within? Meet collagen - an extraordinary component of our body, which has a significant impact not only on our health, but also our appearance.

Why is collagen so important?

Collagen is a group of fibrous proteins that build up connective tissue. You should know that it is the main component of tendons and skin, fills the cornea of the eye, builds hair, bones, joints and nails. It participates in almost all vital functions of organs and tissues in human and animal organisms. The human body is capable of continuously producing this extremely valuable component. However, at the age of 25, this process begins to gradually fade away - it means the beginning of aging. Old age is nothing but the loss of collagen by our body. Its main task is to bond cellular elements in the body. It also has firming and tightening properties and regenerates and strengthens nails. It is also responsible for the continuous renewal of skin cells. When collagen starts to be missing in our body, the skin becomes less elastic and wrinkles appear on it. The joints are also weakened. Our hair suffers from it too. What is their relationship to collagen? More on duocollagen.pl.

hair collagen

Collagen and the health of our hair

Anyone who knows a little about hair knows that collagen has an unimaginable effect on the appearance and condition of hair. Firstly, it increases their flexibility and volume. It also improves the appearance of dry and damaged hair. Additionally, it prevents hair loss. It also affects their proper growth. What is more, it stimulates the hair bulbs, improves their structure, sustains the protective layer of a single hair and keeps it in the follicle cavity. But that's not all. Collagen also has a positive effect on the appearance and condition of the scalp, protecting it against exfoliation and the formation of dandruff. So it is obvious that our hair needs collagen. It often happens that a person who is not satisfied with the appearance of his or her hair tries different methods without knowing that the cause lies in a collagen deficiency. The hair then becomes thin, brittle and dull, dries out quickly and falls out more strongly. Lack of sufficient collagen in the body can also cause the formation of dandruff, which is very difficult to combat. These problems lead to the fact that the look of our hairstyle leaves much to be desired. How to prevent this? Collagen should be supplemented.

Drinking collagen for hair

The best way to restore the right amount of collagen to your body is to supplement it in liquid form. Dietary supplement Duo Life Collagen is a completely natural product that has been enriched with an antioxidant formula. Its supplementation helps to keep hair, skin and nails in perfect condition. Moreover, its liquid formula makes it extremely easy to absorb. If you're not satisfied with the look of your hair, it's time to reach for liquid collagen that will make it shiny, fluffy and delightful again.



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