How does epilation work?

The properties of laser hair removal, commonly referred to as epilation, became loud a few years ago. At present, this treatment is in the basic offer of the vast majority of beauty parlours, located not only in Poland, but also worldwide. Are you wondering how the epilation device works? Do you want to know what effects to expect? When is it better to give up laser hair removal?

Effects of laser hair removal

The biggest advantages of epilation are the guarantee of obtaining long-lasting effects and comfort during the procedure. For those who do not know yet, laser hair removal is a completely painless procedure, so epilation can be performed to get rid of unnecessary hair from the legs, arms, armpits, bikini area, chest or face.
A professional and modern epilation device should be highly effective while maintaining safety and comfort of use. One such device is, among others, the functional laser The Epi Lab, about which you can read more on the official website https://epilabpolska.pl/. In this case, the laser beam penetrates deep into the hair damaging the matrix, which is responsible for its growth. This process is called selective photothermolysis. It is recommended to perform a dozen or so epilation treatments, carried out at regular intervals, then the effects obtained will last even up to a year.

Contraindications to the procedure

Although epilation is a fully non-invasive and painless procedure, not every person can use it. In what situations should the epilation procedure be abandoned? For safety reasons, laser hair removal is not performed:

- to women during pregnancy and lactation;

- to people with a diagnosis of epilepsy, or epilepsy;

- cancer patients and those in chemotherapy and radiotherapy;

- people struggling with viral and bacterial infections and active skin inflammation;

- customers with pacemakers or other implants made of metal;

- to women undergoing hormone treatment.

In this case, it is extremely important to conduct a comprehensive patient interview, which will make it possible to exclude possible contraindications, which in turn will have a positive impact on both safety during the epilation and the subsequent effects.

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