How to find the perfect perfume for you?

How do both men and women decide which fragrance is best for them? This is one of those questions to which everyone would like to know the answer and for which we are almost certain that this answer does not exist. Perfume manufacturers are well aware of this, so they use dozens of less and more effective ways to focus our attention on the products they recommend. It's the same with cometics - not everyone will like their smell. Thin Lidl cosmetics are very delicate fragrances, which may appeal to most people.

Finding your ideal smell is not at all easy and we are often almost doomed to test samples. The less we stick to specific names and brands, the greater our chance of success. Such an ideal fragrance can be found literally everywhere, no matter how chic and prestigious the perfumery it comes from. The perfume itself is slightly less mysterious than we might think.

They are usually composed of several notes, which are intended to form the core of the composition. Moreover, they are not only created according to the same guidelines, but often by the same people. It turns out that the same people can be responsible for both top and much lower-end perfumes. So if we like a given smell, we should wear it regardless of its origin.

The smell is not a stylish bag, and therefore nobody should see its logo. Perfumes should be seen primarily as an individual identity mark, and the sooner we realize this, the more likely we will be to find a fragrance that we really like. Of course, this does not mean that we do not lack practical tips to help you find our perfume faster than after testing dozens of samples. There are at least a few of them and they are worth getting to know. The first one is that it's always worth looking for dependencies. So if we want to find the perfect perfume for ourselves, we should consider what elements we like in a particular fragrance.

Some people like to reach for floral notes, others prefer exotic scents. It is worth considering the choice of perfume and buying it online. Such a service is offered by e.g. Tesco ezakupy Tychy shop, where we can get perfumes and cosmetics at attractive prices. So if we know what's behind them, we'll be able to go in search not of perfume manufacturers anymore, but of specific fragrance notes. Those who like fruit notes should know that real treasures await them on the shelves of perfumery. Such smells include apricot, peach, papaya, grapes and berries. Of course, fruit scents are not a monolith either, so if we like their strong notes, we should be interested primarily in citrus scents.

We will surely also like the cologne in its classic version. There is no shortage of people who bet on so-called pure smells. These should focus on cosmetics with light musk, a hint of peony and freesia and those with a hint of lily of the valley. Also interesting are old-fashioned scents, as if taken from an old hairdressing salon. Among them there is lavender and soapy scents.

In turn, people who like "rich" fragrances should focus primarily on aldehyde-floral fragrances, as this is a wide and very interesting group. What about the enthusiasts of smells that are sweet and juicy, but still dry?

So-called food aromas, i.e. those based on dessert aromas with a strong influence of basil, can be helpful here. Dry smells are the smells of earth and moss. You can also always test wood smells and simple musks.



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