How to pack a first aid kit for the expedition?

first aid kit

Holidays before us and many of us are planning from A to Z their expeditions and the contents of their luggage, but do we remember such an important thing as taking a first aid kit with us? Very often we decide to spend our holiday actively. Walks in the mountains or long bicycle tours are undoubtedly good for our health, but we may be more or less injured during them. Therefore, next to comfortable shoes and sunglasses, a first aid kit should be included in your expeditionary backpack. Sebastian Szymanek, a GOPR rescuer, advises how to pack her up to have the necessary first aid equipment at hand in case of need.

- First of all, make sure that the first-aid kit is watertight, because if we encounter rain, it will become useless after getting wet. We then determine how many people will use it if necessary and adjust the amount of equipment to this number. Each first-aid kit must contain two meters of gases, small gauze, several types of patches, scissors, NRC film (thermal), preferably 2 triangular slings that will help us stop the bleeding or immobilize the limb. The first aid kit should also include a breathing mask and gloves - the optimal number of pairs is 6 - says Sebastian Szymanek, GOPR rescuer.

Active recreation exposes us to injuries and abrasions. Falling off your bike or rubbing your feet after a few hours of trekking can happen to any of us. That's why it's worth putting a special ointment with an antibiotic (e.g. MaxiBiotic in disposable sachets) in the first aid kit, which will effectively disinfect the wound and protect it from infection. The sachets take up little space, and will be invaluable help in emergencies.

What else?

When going on a trip in the mountains, apart from dressings, bandages and slices, we should pack medicine, with the widest possible spectrum of effects, into the first aid kit. First of all, it is worth to get painkillers. They will be helpful, whether you have a headache or a toothache. - And when it comes to equipment to protect us from injury, let's not forget the helmet! Even if the chosen mountains do not seem steep to us, it is an indispensable piece of equipment that will protect us from falling stones or cushion the impact of our head on a hard surface - adds Sebastian Szymanek.

The first-aid kit should be one of the basic accessories from which we start packing our backpack for the expedition. This small object can have a significant impact on the quality of your holiday. Let's also install the RATUNEK application on your phones to quickly call for help that will save our lives, if necessary.


MaxiBiotic - a drug in the form of ointment for topical application on the skin for minor wounds (abrasions, scratches, bites), burns and skin ulcers. The drug's active substances are three antibiotics with a complementary range of antibacterial action, against the bacteria that cause most skin infections. The ointment is available in tubes containing 3 g, 5 g and 15 g of medication or disposable sachets of 1 g.

Average pharmacy price of ointment, 5 g: PLN 11.80

Average pharmacy price of sachets, 1 g x 10 pieces: 16.70 PLN

MaxiSeptic - an antiseptic spray that is applied to the skin or wounds to destroy microorganisms and infectious agents and prevent infections. The drug contains two active substances: octenidine hydrochloride and phenoxyethanol, which have antibacterial and antifungal properties. It is intended for use in adults and children of all ages. Spray available in two volumes - 50 ml and 250 ml.

Average pharmacy price of the spray, 50 ml: 17.40 PLN

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