How to rebuild nails after a hybrid manicure?

Well maintained and aesthetically pleasing hands are an important element of our appearance. For those of us who don't like to spend time on the fine nail care, beauty salons offer popular hybrids that last even several weeks. However, they are not without influence on the condition of the plate. We suggest how to effectively regain healthy and beautiful nails.

Those of us who, in addition to well maintained hands, also value time saving, most often choose a hybrid manicure in beauty salons. This combination of lacquer and elastic gel guarantees a lasting colour that lasts for up to two to three weeks on the nails.

Hybrid. Is it bad?

Glossy and durable colors look beautiful, however, a hybrid manicure performed regularly, without major interruptions, can badly affect the condition of the nail plates. Frequent degreasing and tarnishing usually results in dryness and splitting of tiles. But the most "brutal" and harmful is the removal of the hybrid. Soaking in acetone for a few minutes and scratching off the remaining polish damages the nail structure and adversely affects the epidermis.

nail regeneration

Prevention and regeneration

To minimize the risk of weakening of the nails and to keep the skin healthy, it is worth using the hybrid wisely - once in a while. The breaks between visits to the manicurist should be used to rebuild and reduce the damage.

Nails need several important ingredients to be strong and durable: vitamin A, which strengthens and smoothes the plate; B vitamins, which stimulate the growth of the nails and prevent them from breaking; zinc and folic acid, which affect the thickness and hardness of the plate and prevent the formation of white spots; and cysteine and methionine, which are essential for the proper structure of the nails. These ingredients can be found in food, but it is best to supplement your daily diet with a high quality dietary supplement, for example the Merz Spezial irritants, which are a composition of vitamins and trace elements, most important for keeping your nails, skin and hair in good condition. The ingredients contained in Merz Spezial Dragees provide nutrients to the body in appropriate proportions.

Remember, beautiful nails are healthy nails. Give them time to regenerate and rebuild properly, and when you see that their condition has significantly deteriorated, give up the hybrid manicure for a while.



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