How to use the antiperspirant properly?

how to use the antiperspirant properly

Male antiperspirant usually contains many ingredients to reduce perspiration and mask unpleasant smells. But sometimes it doesn't work as it should. Cause you're just misusing it. Learn how to use the antiperspirant properly.

The ideal moment to apply antiperspirant

A lot of users make this mistake - they reach for an antiperspirant for men a moment before leaving home. You think this way you'll feel fresh and comfortable longer? Well, that's a mistake. And it's really big.

An antiperspirant for men is better to apply a lot before leaving home. If you prepare slowly and without rush, you can do it when you wake up. Slowly walking around the house, drinking coffee and eating breakfast will not make you sweat. This will give the active ingredients time to take effect. If you're in a hurry and you're always on the run, you may find that the best time to use antiperspirant is in the evening, even before bedtime. You can repeat the application in the morning, but a good quality male antiperspirant works for up to 48 hours.

An anti-perspirant for men right after the bath?

It seems quite obvious - you come out of the shower and immediately reach for the antiperspirant. This is a mistake! You need to apply it to dry skin, really well dried. A quick towel wipe won't help.

Moist skin takes the active ingredients that affect the sweat glands and disturb their function much less well. Therefore, the specifics are applied at least a dozen or so minutes after the shower so that the skin is really dry. The cosmetic is applied only on previously cleansed skin.

Ideal dosage

Another problem is to determine the ideal dose of antiperspirant. Use of too small will result in insufficient protection, too big - may cause stains on clothes. How much will be enough?

An anti-perspirant for men can have two forms - gel or liquid in a roll-on bottle or thick cream in a stick. In both cases, all you have to do is go under your arm twice up and twice down. That's enough to keep you from sweating all day.

An anti-perspirant for men perfectly suited to the needs of

Another important aspect is to choose the type of antiperspirant to suit your needs. Currently, there are many different multi-component agents on the market. It is worth to read their descriptions very carefully and choose something ideal for your skin and lifestyle.

You may be tempted to become an antiperspirant coping with extreme situations, for example when you play sports. There are also those that reduce stress-related sweating and difficult experiences. If your skin is prone to irritation, find one with soothing ingredients. Sometimes it is the composition that is the problem, not the application.

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