Inflammation of the breasts or milk doses? How do you recognise the inflammation?

Although breastfeeding is part of physiology, some women may encounter many problems during this period. Among the most common are breast inflammation and milky heart attacks. Even though one ailment is due to the other, it can often be mistaken. Check for signs of inflammation indicating breast inflammation.

Heavy and puffy breasts are the first sign of excessive food build-up. However, it is sometimes disregarded, which can lead to serious stagnation and, as a result, to breast inflammation.

Milk dike. How do you recognize it?

A milk dike is a natural reaction of the organism, which wants to meet the nutritional needs of a newborn. Increased food production occurs as early as between the 4th and 6th day after birth - it is estimated that the amount of milk can exceed the baby's needs up to 10 times. Later on, the cause of an infarction may be longer breaks between feeds, inaccurate emptying of the breasts by the baby, pumping large amounts of breast milk with a breast pump (this additionally stimulates lactation).

You can recognize a milky heart attack by symptoms like this:

  • the puffiness of the breasts,
  • breast soreness,
  • hot breasts,
  • free flow of milk.

Breast inflammation - what are the symptoms?

Breast inflammation is often mistaken for food stasis. In case of inflammation, not only does it cause swelling and breast pain, but also many other additional symptoms.

Inflammation may herald, among other things:

  • muscle pains,
  • high fever,
  • weakness.

If you experience breast soreness and lumps underneath the skin accompanied by the above mentioned symptoms, you are most likely to experience inflammation.

How to fight chest inflammation?

Breast inflammation cannot be underestimated as untreated can have serious health consequences. You certainly need to get started as soon as possible, bearing in mind:

  • frequent breastfeeding - even every 1.5 hours,
  • taking different positions for feeding - underarm position is particularly recommended,
  • using the correct feeding technique - so that the little one grasps not only the warts, but most of the areola,
  • taking painkillers, e.g. containing ibuprofen
  • drinking a lot of water,
  • making poultices of white cabbage leaves.

If there is no clear improvement after 1-2 days, seek medical attention immediately. A specialist will prescribe a suitable antibiotic - safe for a breastfed baby.

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