Laser hair removal - smooth as velvet

laser hair removal

Every woman dreams of beautiful and smooth skin without irritation and hair. History shows that not always a smooth and depilated body was fashionable. The precursors of hair removal were ancient Egyptian women who shaved their bodies from head to toe. In this case, the use of this statement is most appropriate because in Egypt, women also shaved their heads and proudly presented wigs instead of hair.

This was also the case with the historical figure of Cleopatra. Pumice stone, stones, sharp shells, beeswax, and the specifics of sugar were used to remove unnecessary hair. In antiquity, epilation was not only the domain of women. Men also waxed, which was in line with the sense of aesthetics of the time. The hairy body was then associated with a lower social status. Eastern women also shaved their bodies, mainly for climatic reasons. In Europe, however, there was no such custom.

History of epilation

The situation in Europe started to change only at the beginning of the 20th century. One of the important events that initiated a kind of revolution was the 1915 Harper`s Bazaar advertisement. The advertisement depicted a woman in a sleeveless blouse with perfectly shaved armpits. At that time, such advertising seemed extremely controversial. But time cannot be undone and it is from that moment that the perception of the female body has changed. The fashion has also helped. The designers have exposed more and more bodies. Shorter skirts became fashionable and hairy legs did not look aesthetically pleasing in thin stockings. Beach fashion was also changing. Bathing suits became more and more bold and women started to pay attention to those parts of the body that were covered up a few years earlier.

Arion Alexandrite laser

Arion Alexandrite laser used in laser hair removal treatments at Murano Clinic. Photo: https://klinikamurano.com/oferta_laser-aleksandrytowy-arion_49.html

Machines, depilator, laser

At first, women used ordinary razors. Much later the first epilator called Epilades appeared on the market. Nowadays, laser hair removal reigns supreme. What's the difference between this method and the already common epilator? The epilator removes hair with the hair bulbs, while the laser removes the entire hair follicle using a laser light beam. It should be stressed that this is not a cheap method, but the most effective. Laser hair removal is especially recommended for women who have problems with folliculitis, after traditional methods of hair removal, they have ingrown hairs or have pustules and skin irritations.

Look: How to prepare for laser hair removal?

There are also some contraindications. Laser hair removal should not be performed on tanned skin, during pregnancy, during cancer treatment, in case of red or light hair (in case of such hair, laser hair removal is not very effective).

One of the clinics that offers laser hair removal treatments is the Murano Clinic - its headquarters are located in Warsaw. The clinic offers aesthetic medicine treatments, dermatological consultations, as well as laser hair removal. The clinic is equipped with modern equipment that will ensure a high level of service.



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