Liquid Chlorophyll

All green vegetables are a natural source of chlorophyll. So it would seem that it is not difficult to deliver it to our body. Unfortunately, today's food is not so rich in nutrients anymore. It is for these reasons that liquid chlorophyll was created - a perfectly assimilable, invaluable component of our diet. Find out what liquid chlorophyll is and why it is worth taking it. Choose the best liquid chlorophyll and enjoy its extraordinary properties.

What is chlorophyll

Chlorophylls are a group of chemical compounds that occur in plants, algae and some bacteria - the so-called photosynthetic agents. The green colour of chlorophyll is caused by the fact that it absorbs a large part of the so called red and blue light and reflects green light, so we see it in this colour. Chlorophyll is largely related to the transport of oxygen in the body. That's why it has a graceful name - "green blood", which refers to human hemoglobin, to which it is very similar in its chemical structure.

Properties of green blood

From an early age we were told to eat green vegetables because they are healthy. Few people know, however, that these plants owe their extraordinary properties to chlorophyll content. By consuming chlorophyll, we protect our body from free radicals that wreak havoc at the cellular level. What is more, the interior of our body is thanks to it maximally oxygenated, due to the high affinity of chlorophyll with oxygen, and also sealed - in other words deacidified. Chlorophyll also purifies the blood and inactivates many toxic compounds. Most pathogenic bacteria cannot develop in an oxygen-rich environment. That's why green blood is deadly to them. Chlorophyll also helps in the fight against cancer by inhibiting tumours. It is also used to treat blood diseases and diabetics. It also alleviates asthma symptoms, helps to treat peptic ulcer disease and inhibits the development of inflammation in every part of the body, including joints. What's more, it also regulates hormone management in the body. Therefore, it helps with thyroid diseases and menstrual disorders in women. So we have to admit that the salutary effect of chlorophyll on our body is really impressive!

liquid chlorophyll

Liquid Chlorophyll - ranking

Liquid chlorophyll is a product that allows you to easily enjoy the benefits of this remarkable substance. When deciding to buy liquid chlorophyll, make sure it is a fully natural product, without artificial ingredients or preservatives. Below you will find a ranking of liquid chlorophyll producers, which shows the differences in product composition.

Duo Life Chlorophyll - natural liquid chlorophyll containing chlorella, mint oil, barley, alfalfa and chlorophyllin. It is distinguished by its most natural composition;

2) NSP Liquid chlorophyll - contains purified water, soluble glycerine, sodium-copper chlorophylline and aroma: mint oil;

3. Altermedica Liquid Chlorophyll - contains water, glycerine, sodium-copper chlorophylline, natural mint flavour;

NEWFOODS liquid chlorophyll - contains copper chlorophylline, vegetable glycerine, deionised water, peppermint oil and potassium sorbate;

5. Calivita Liquid Chlorophyll Chlorophyll liquid - contains water, carrier: vegetable glycerol, sodium-copper chlorophylline, aroma: curled mint oil (Mentha spicata), preservatives: potassium sorbate, acidity regulator: citric acid.



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