Nailfluencer - be like an Internet star!


The hottest months of the year are ahead of us - a time of fun, relaxation and inspiring travels. Finally, you can drop your thick clothes and hide them deep in the closet for the coming months. Summer is also a time when it is worth experimenting with your style, giving it freshness.

Summer style

Summer creation is not only light outerwear, but also makeup and... manicure. When it comes to nail design, the possibilities are practically unlimited and the number of products available on the market, with all their properties and shades, allows you to create a unique and original looku. However, the variety of available hybrid paints can cause considerable headaches. Their countless number makes the question arise - what to choose? We will try to answer them in the simplest possible way.

High quality - beautiful nail design for long weeks

The most important thing is to choose the highest quality product. Thanks to this, our styling will look very impressive for a long time and at the same time will not burden our nails. So brilliant looking, but with respect for health.

How to find such a product? The company has decided on an established brand which carries out rigorous quality tests before the lacquers are displayed on shop shelves. Such practices can be boasted by, among others, Indigo Nails, which recently released a new, original collection called Nailfluencer - https://www.indigo-nails.com/pl,nailfluencer-collection.html.

Hybrid paints inspired by the world of influencers

Nailfluencer hybrid nails are inspired by the world of the Internet, which creates great opportunities for everyone connected to the network. Growing ranges, countless number of pipes, extraordinary popularity - this is a magical world of influencers. By creating the new collection, Indigo Nails has gathered the most popular personalities from the fashion and beauty industry, resulting in Nailfluencer hybrid varnishes available in 10 extremely feminine shades of pink and violet - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qfSTKLXAbZc.

What are the hybrids from Indigo? The most important properties are:

  • above-average adhesion to the nail plate;
  • Medium dense consistency with no streaks and flooded skins;
  • fast curing time, which does not exceed 20 seconds;
  • Universality allowing to create different effects (Mermaid, Holo, Metal Manix);
  • no chipping;
  • health safety.

You want to look like a star? Be sure to check out the unique Nailfluencer hybrid paint collection.

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