Office work and the health of our legs

office work

Working in offices and corporations is an everyday life of many Polish women. This means, on the one hand, comfort, the possibility of self-fulfilment or a package of benefits, and on the other hand, stress and lifestyle, which often has a negative impact on health. Sitting at the computer for long periods of time, lack of movement - this is what our condition, joints or eyes suffer from, especially in the evening. What do our legs think about our sitting job? How does office reality affect their health?

What our legs don't like?

Daily office work often means long hours spent at a desk, in one sitting position. Sometimes during the day our only activity is to go to the printer, to get coffee or a quick lunch. The rest of the time is mostly spent in front of the monitor screen. Even if we work comfortably - i.e. we have a well-shaped armchair and the right desk height - a lack of movement can make our circulatory system "rebel". Due to the prolonged sitting position, blood flow is difficult and it is drained from the limbs to the upper body with difficulty. After a long time, venous outflow stops functioning properly, and due to blood stagnation in the veins, venous pressure increases and the first symptoms of venous insufficiency may appear. The feeling of heaviness appears in the legs, and often also pain or swelling. So it's good to take breaks during work for even a short walk around the office to stretch your legs and restore the proper functioning of your circulatory system. What else is it that's bad for the health of our legs?

According to the respondents of the study, conducted by Ipsos Marketing for Valeant[1], lifestyle-related factors are among the main causes of leg pain (90% of indications). The most frequently chosen answers included lack of movement (34%) and indication of work position - standing (28%) and sitting (26%). For 22% of the respondents, long walking (intense movement) also intensifies the ailments, and the least (18%) of the answers were for walking in heeled shoes[2]. As we can see today, women very often find themselves in situations that adversely affect their leg health and circulation problems.

Lifestyle is not the only problem...

Few people realize that circulation problems can also be affected by the way we dress every day. With regard to the representatives of corporations, it is worth noting the dress code that applies there, and in the case of other female representatives of the fair sex - the current fashion. In women's wardrobes you will find mostly tight jeans, matching skirts and heeled boots. Unfortunately... Clothing that is too close to the body can also affect the circulation in our veins. The test material causes compressions (similar to, for example, sitting with your leg on), which significantly restrict the free flow of blood. After years of wearing such an outfit, problems may arise, which are currently faced by over half of Polish women[3]. This health problem strongly affects your well-being. As long as the symptoms (such as heavy legs, night-time cramps, itching) are not very troublesome, we tend to underestimate them. However, when the pain begins to grow and swollen legs are already everyday, and not just an occasional ailment - we start to feel the physical and emotional consequences of LPD. For many women, these are mainly sleep problems (32%) and lack of energy (30%), but also the need to give up wearing dresses/coats or limitations in their activities (29 and 26% of indications respectively)[4]. We also often give up on spending our free time actively and fulfilling our passions. As a result, we lose our sense of attractiveness and self-confidence, often experiencing negative emotions. In such cases - it is worth thinking about supporting our cardiovascular system to feel confident, healthy and attractive again.

What can we do for our cardiovascular system?

There are many ways to keep your legs in good shape. Physical activity is, of course, one of the basic ones. Running, nordic walking, dancing, cycling or even daily walking - these are activities for which our legs will be grateful. Movement stimulates circulation, muscles start working and joints and tendons become more flexible. Apart from sport, it is worth remembering about proper clothing. The loose and unscraped material will make our body not be pressed, and thus the blood circulation will be more free. For women who wear pantyhose on a daily basis, the use of functional models such as Gatta Relax Medica, which also help to improve the work of the circulatory system, may be a support. They support the prevention of healthy legs by preventing swelling and the feeling of heaviness. This guarantees a unique weave of yarn, which provides gradual compression along the entire length of the legs, supporting proper circulation. However, if you already see the first symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency (e.g. heavy and swollen legs, night-time calf spasms), it is worthwhile to take additional external action, e.g. using preparations with micronized diosmin (contained e.g. in a cosmetic product in Diosminex quick leg relief, which is recommended for people with heavy leg syndrome and with skin prone to vascular spiders and dilated or fragile vessels).

More information on leg health and how to keep your legs in good shape can be found at www.NicNieZatrzymaMnie.pl.

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